GST Income assortment for August 2019 is 98202 crore rupees | GST assortment declined in August, decreased by 3881 crores in comparison with July


new Delhi: In August than in July GST Collection Has been recorded in The total GST collection stood at 98,202 crore in August 2019. It has CGST 17,733 crore, SGST 24,239 crore and IGST 48,958 crore, of which 24,818 crore is from imports. In August, the revenue from cess is 7,273 crore, of which 841 crore is from imports. Compared to last year, the GST collection in August 2018 was 93,960 crore. Let me tell you, the GST collection in July was 1,02,083 crore.

In the month of August, the central government's share in earnings from GST is 40,898 crore and states' earnings are 40,862 crore. Compared to August 2018, there has been a 4.51 percent increase in earnings this year. However, a decline of 3881 crore has been registered in the collection this month as compared to July.

Talking about this financial year (2019-20), the highest GST collection was Rs 1,13,865 crore so far in April. 1,00,289 crore in May, 99,939 crore in the month of June, 1,02,083 crore in July.

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