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Extremely Quick Dishwasher Washing Dishes – jj

Extremely Quick Dishwasher Washing Dishes

This guy has some fast hands as he washes dishes as fast as possible, shuffling plates as though they were poker chips! Hi and welcome to Daily Picks and …



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  1. When I was a dish washer at a University Food Court we did something similar with plastic trays.
    With the ceramic plates we would grab 4 in each hand for a total of 8 plates at a time and slap them in the tray.
    The alternate Way was to grab an armful and just kinds half drop half spread them. It made a satisfying thump tump sound and poof rack is filled.

  2. this is NOT the proper way to handle dishes. Yes for him it works but that is rare and obvisouly the manager finds it ok but he hasnt made a mistake. a rare occasion thata passable but for people who have a strict and more proper work environment these are not the safest way to handle dishes

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