Is Soiled Electrical energy Stopped When Breakers are Turned OFF? (And Explaining EMFs)

I just figured something important out about dirty electricity and turning off the breakers. YIKES! Greenwave Dirty Electricity Meter: https://amzn.to/2KHOW8j This …


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  1. After filming this video, I realize i have a LOT of questions now…. is dirty electricity flowing thru wires that have no power or not??? Dr. Mercola and Magda Havas (look up their podcast together) say that turning off breakers does NOT stop dirty electricity. If you can help with this mystery, PLEASE COMMENT BELOW.

  2. If you google on line there are EMF Inspectors every where. They can come out and do a assessment of your place. I have hard wired my internet connection and I can find remedies for the dirty electricity and the smart meter with filters ect. But my biggest source of exposure right now is coming from towers 3/4 of a mile from my house that have readings way way to high that I am exposed to.

  3. I live in a house and we turn the breakers off in the bedrooms. I have no filters in the house. If you listen close when the electricity is on you can hear a high pitched sound and some crackling. But when you turn the electricity off it seems quieter and the crackling is gong and the sound pitch is gone or reduced greatly. I have not measured it when it is off.

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