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Jamshedpur shines attributable to auto trade disaster – jj

Jamshedpur shines attributable to auto trade disaster


Laborers of jamshedpur

In a remote village of Jharkhand, a young couple is discussing whether the rice they have in the house will last till the end of the week.

The wife peeped from her small mud hut, "You have come to the wrong place. Go first and see the empty factories nearby."

Her husband Ram Mardi is the only earning person in her family and she admits that she is having a bad time.

He asks, "When there was no economic slowdown, we were living comfortably. Now it is difficult to arrange food. I have also stopped sending children to school. My mother's health is bad and if I fell ill So how will these people live? "

Ram works for a company in Jamshedpur in Jharkhand that manufactures parts for cars and heavy vehicles.

But last month, he was able to get work for only 14 days. Due to the drop in demand, their factory has to be closed for few days in between.

There has been a drop in demand across the country which is a sign of economic slowdown.

The country's car industry is most affected by this. This is forcing companies to temporarily stop production and cut jobs.

In July, sales of passenger vehicles fell by more than 30%.

Auto dealers and potential car buyers are struggling to get loans due to the banking sector crisis.

These small and medium-sized businesses supplying to large manufacturers have been the worst hit.

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Image caption

Sameer Singh says that he never had so much trouble running his factory.

'Employees are sitting idle'

Samir Singh, an engineer by profession, had to return to his home in Jamshedpur as his father was ill and his domestic business of making auto spare parts was being affected.

In the last two decades after his return, Sameer has not only forayed into business but has also grown his manufacturing units, which supply auto spare parts for heavy vehicle manufacturers.

He said, "I have never had so much trouble maintaining and running my factory."

Sameer says, "You need money to run a business and have a strong will power for the enterprise. Small businessmen like me spend all their money, savings and loans in their business and no one wants to be a defaulter. . "

"My employees have been sitting idle for a few weeks and I feel bad for them. If this continues, they can leave the job. They might find another job. But I can't even go out for a job. My life It starts here and ends here. "

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Jamshedpur reflecting the crisis

The current decline in sales of the Indian auto sector has been the highest in the last two decades. How big this decline is, can be gauged from the fact that the auto industry provides direct or indirect employment to about thirty to thirty five million people.

It is believed that so far more than one lakh people have lost their jobs.

The crisis of the people directly affected by this lethargy in the industrial city of Jamshedpur is clearly visible.

Imli Chowk is a crowded area in the middle of the Adityapur industrial area, where auto parts are made in most of the houses.

Hundreds of daily wage workers come to this square every day in search of work. Local contractors hire them.

But we saw a completely opposite view at Tamarind Chowk. Men and women workers of all ages were restless and distraught. He was waiting for someone to hire him for a day. Even some considered us as contractors.

The mother of three children, Lakshmi had traveled fifteen kilometers in search of one-day employment. But the last few months have been disappointing for him.

"The situation is getting worse day by day. Some lucky people get a day job, but most of them return home empty-handed. They don't even have a bus fare. Many times we have to go home Have to walk for hours. "

"We used to earn 400 to 500 rupees every day. But not now. Now we are ready to do any work to earn 100 to 150 rupees. From cleaning toilets to working on the roads, but that too is not getting is."

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Image caption

Sanjay Sabharwal says that the decrease in sales this year is big and terrible.

The concerns

It is bad news for the auto industry that the entire economy is going through a phase of sluggishness and more jobs can go.

Sanjay Sabharwal, general secretary of the Automotive Component Manufacturers Association of India, says, "The decrease in sales this year is so big and terrible that it has affected all kinds of vehicles, like two wheelers, cars and heavy vehicles. Last time. It did not happen if there was a recession. "

Thousands of families depend on factories here. There may be worse news ahead.

Rupesh Katiyar is an auto parts manufacturer whose two manufacturing units have been able to run for barely a week within a month.

Rupesh was sitting in his empty factory. He said, "The most disturbing thing is that the market has suddenly cooled down. I agree that the decline in economic growth has led to a decrease in sales of heavy commercial vehicles. But what about cheap passenger vehicles like bikes ? They are not that expensive. So it must be accepted that this is a negative situation and it will take some time to improve. "

For a long time to improve the auto sector, there has been a demand for tax exemption and easy loan to dealers and consumers.

Many people also argue that in the next few years, the government needs to gradually focus on promoting electric vehicles.

The government has taken several decisions to handle the deteriorating economy. To deal with the disappointment of the auto sector, a package has been announced, giving 70 thousand crore rupees to public sector banks and giving home and auto loans at low rates.

Will these measures be able to support the faltering economy, the answer to this question is a bit difficult.

It is understood that if the auto industry is doing well then the economy is on track.

According to experts, this is the worst time of the Indian auto industry. Also, serious concerns are being raised about the state of the economy.

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