Main OUTAGE In WISCONSIN | 100,000 Resident EFFECTED | Energy & Outages May Final Days!

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  1. Does insulin still have to be refrigerated? If so, how will people with diabetes deal with this? I believe during katrina this was a big issue. Will a small solar generator cool a small refrigerator? You can already see the writing the wall – these types of blackouts will become common.

  2. Just inform you I live in Waukesha Wisconsin last year and this year and other years there have been a lot of activity with military Un Mark military vehicles on highways and freeways and Military planes and helicopters at airborne and tanks on trains.. I feel something big is going to happen?! Here at Wisconsin sooner or later??

  3. This may sound silly to some, but, if the heat gets to much to bear, here is an idea IF the power were to go out. Periodically, go out to your car, crank up the engine, and turn on the A/C for about 15 minutes…Then go back inside. Yes, I realize this will cost to periodically go to your vehicle for those who have running A/C in their vehicle's, but, at least this will give you some reprieve from the extreme heat if things get desperate, especially for those who are highly sensitive to the heat, like myself and the elderly, and the sick, providing there is easy enough access to your vehicle at the time. Before you go to bed in the evening, consider going to your vehicle before calling it a night, cool off for 15 minutes, done.

  4. I Live In South East New Mexico. In A Pretty Small Town. Our Average Normal Temperature's During The Summer From February To September Is Anywhere From 99% to 117% On Any Given Day. During Winter Months Which For Us Is October To January. Temperature's Bounce Around Day To Day From Anywhere From 5% To 85%, & Normally It's In The Hotter Range. We Rarely See Snow. In 40 Years I Have Only Seen Snow 3 Times Where I Live. It Does Rain. But It Is In Very Short Burst's, & If We Do Get A Good Storm They Are Very Severe, Usually Including A Tornado Or Two. Our Weather Here Is Bipolar, & Should Be On Some Serious Mental Medications. Everyone Always Says That This Is The Asshole Of The World, & The Devil's Second Home, & Truthfully The Way The Weather Is, & The People Are. It Sure Makes Me Believe It.

  5. It's just end times. I have lived in Colorado for 50 some years. My current home and neighbors homes are sinking. Trees are dying. There's now a rat infestation. We cant get out or in the neighborhood without a nut hitting us. Fish are dying, whales dropping off. Earthquakes all over in abundance. People still don't listen. Homeless pan handlers at every corner now too.

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