Maxi & mini Insurance coverage Plan

"We assure you more and we ask you less" is the motto of this campaign that is also starred by the people of our company and that consists of adding insurance to obtain important discounts.

Under the umbrella of the Labor Fund campaign "There is another way" -in which the people of the financial institution are the protagonists-, we have launched the Maxi & Mini insurance plan that will be in force until August 31, 2012.

Thus, for example, whoever hires car insurance accompanied by other policies that comply with the conditions of the campaign, will obtain an income in his bank account of 25% of the receipt of his new car insurance with a maximum amount of 125 euros per Each additional policy contracted. And so up to 100% of the insurance with a maximum of 500 euros per policy.

With this campaign, both Caja Laboral and Lagun Aro, we intend to value our character as insurance specialists and convey our status as cooperative companies in which the trust, closeness and friendliness of the people who form them are of our identity and What sets us apart from the competition.


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