NHI invoice dialogue

The South African Medical Association’s national chairperson Angelique Coetzee says both our current public and private health systems are in dire straits. Courtesy #DStv403



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  1. you got no health care who is going to pay the tax on all this money I pay a lot of tax as is petrol is up food is up everything is in a mess strikes looting burning killing the best thing we will never recover from this we will be the next Zimbabwe.

  2. I always tell people that South Africa is a Socialist country and when I say so, people dispute it by saying it's a Capitalist country, and I say in response, "yes it is – but only on paper". However, in practice, it's the few taxpayers subsidizing the poor, lazy and entitled majority. This Socialist scheme by the ANC will collapse like a house with a feeble foundation.

  3. Lol… What a joke.
    Does the government realize that by bankrupting the ordinary tax payer there will be no money left to loot? Or will they realize it once its too late, like they so often do.
    Good case, they realize that the public health system has collapsed… after it collapsed, just didn't see any of it coming huh?
    New dawn could mean anything, not necessarily what we want it to mean.
    Can you imagine if the service at a hospital is anything like the service we get from most government departments at the moment… I will ask my wife to stitch me up with a shot of whisky in hand thank you.

  4. "Health system in Dire Straights" fails to mention by large the public health system.
    "We need to sort out Primary Healthcare" Fails to mention what about the primary healthcare needs to be sorted.
    "Its working in other countries" Fails to mention what is making it work there and how we will be able to do the same.
    "Medical Aid is expensive" Fails to mention why its expensive for consumers…low wages, unskilled labour force,etc etc
    Failed discussion

  5. Give the money in form of healthcare vouchers to the people and they will decide. Deregulate the business environment and many new medical facilities will be created to meet the demand.
    NHI gives the power to state officials to decide who, where and at what price gets the medical help. And they will spend billions of rands on ever growing state apparatus. That breeds corruption.

  6. She mistakenly connects grotesque governmental failure to the realistic pricing of advanced medical services, and then presents the world with an experiment – nobody except a bunch of entitled disinvested crazed parliamentarians, actually consented to – to resolve it. Advanced high quality care is expensive, the NHI is an infinitely stupid idea and propped up by the cupped hands of corrupt fuckers – 2 very different sets of facts that cannot be reconciled forcibly.

  7. People feel entitled in the private sector , yes obviously if you paying a massive amount each month one would think you should get the best treatment ? , doctors are already fleeing to other countries , lets see what happens when they get paid even less and see how many doctors flee

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