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Stevie J and Religion Evans Marriage: Will Stevie Hold This Caged Chicken Singing? – jj

Stevie J and Religion Evans Marriage: Will Stevie Hold This Caged Chicken Singing?

Please forgive the choppy audio. I think it’s time for a new webcam. I’m not sure if it’s my laptop though. Now, you know I had to get in on this Stevie J and Faith …



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  1. I just thought about how her Mercury in Cancer (Race) quincunx Jupiter in Aquarius (light skin) aspect pertains to her experience with colorism. I believe she is bi-racial if my memory serves me correctly. I recall reading in her book how P. Diddy, another Scorpio made her go to the tanning salon due to her being very light.

  2. I lost so much respect for Faith. I feel like she's always lying. Every interview she does , it's always the same. " I got a few projects in the mix, I have a few sitcoms coming up, working on my next album" Um lady you are 20 yrs late. Your second act is done. I don't like comparing the two but May J is everything and has everything Faith wants. The only thing that Faith has that Mary doesn't is 4 beautiful children. Other than that what does she have ? A 20 yrs old Grammy that btw, that category has been retired so it's like that doesn't even matter anymore… So Faith here's some free advice for you because I see she either likes free or cheap. Just look at her last few music vidoes. Here it is. Sign to a major record label. You're old enough to know the negotiating deal. And one more thing Cheryl Flowers Briggs will be dropped as her manager. Stevie J will see to that…

  3. Hi Rahbinah, I follow your chanel alot and look forward to seeing more content. I have a question however, I'm a Virgo but how do I find my moon sign and rising if my mom does not remember the time I was born, thank you very much, take care.

  4. I'm not judging anyone but the only salad I'm tossing is in the kitchen. I wish my husband would. 😠 what do they clean that thing with before they do that? Acid? Now you KNOW damn well there is fecal matter in your mouth if you do that. 😎

  5. I always felt the rumor about Tupac was true…I feel that she tries to play innocent and tries to woo people with her hypnotizing voice…she has denied sleeping with Tupac in interviews but of course she can because he is dead and that is something that I don't respect…she claims to not have known that Tupac and Biggie had a beef and that she just innocently did a song with Tupac…but I don't understand for the life of me how you can be someone's wife and not know who your husband's sworn enemy is…on top of the fact that she was the First Lady of Bad Boy during the East Coast/West Coast beef…how you not gone know???…that was a clear indication to me that she was disloyal and is dishonest…I always felt like Biggie married the wrong person and that's why he met his untimely demise…

  6. I see in the comments that everybody saying that Gemini women are sneaky and such and such. Don’t label ALL Gemini women as that! I can name a few zodiac signs that are 100 times worst than Gemini…pretty much the other 11 signs…but water signs suck the most!

  7. Faith Evans never knew her father he left before she was born and This is Stevie's 2nd marriage as he claimed on love n hip hop also faith had a daughter then the boy by biggie now biggie n Stevie were friends but also like Lil Kim they both fucked all the bad boys as rumored & Stevie a water sign Scorpio like joseline can be manipulative he's controlling Stevie and faith has been in and out of relationships she was on his show 2yrs ago they been dating it's awkward everyone knows that faith n Kim were really having sex with everything lol Stevie n faith has a past of cocaine her other husband was kinda similar to Stevie which is also Toya wright Carter Lil Wayne's ex baby mama Toya has a baby by Faith's ex husband it's rumored even tho they are divorce I'm shocked at faith but I looked at her bday n history I said the same thing as you alot of water signs /gemeni are awkwardly /in relationshis but eating biggie ass oooooommggg very desperate they will do anything for attention and very easily to forget about both Gemini n cancer act the same to me….crazy

  8. Wow! I always felt she was sneaky & shady af. I see it all over her. I also saw the very passive side of her when it comes to men as well,.this reading confirms a lot I suspected…tossing Biggie salad. Yuck! 😭😂😭 Omg. She's a very sneaky one tho based on the fact shes a Gemini alone..lol! With that Pisces energy too..

  9. I agree her book was very cookie cutter. And I know a lot of ppl feel some type of way HOWEVER this is a woman of a certain age n a certain (small) field. it's very common for hookups like this to take place. She said n an interview that he bought her a house back when she was going through hard times and she never forgot. so I can c tht Sun conjunct Saturn…"daddy" came thru…

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