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Two-year-old iOS hack might have affected Android and Home windows gadgets too – jj

Two-year-old iOS hack might have affected Android and Home windows gadgets too


Two-year-old iOS hack may have affected Android and Windows devices too

‘No Xing, you fool – nobody uses Windows Phone anymore, except Kevin’

TURNS OUT that big hack on iPhones wasn’t just about iPhone after all.

Last week we told you about a “sustained” attack on iOS devices. It’s believed to have been the product of a bad actor, possibly in the employ of a State.

Now it appears that Android devices and Windows PCs were also subject to the hacks, with devices in the Xinjiang region of China being the main target, with the aim of pwning the minority Uighur citizens.

There are growing calls for the Uighur region to become independent – they actually refer to it as East Turkestan – and as a result, China has been increasingly active in trying to squish any insurrection.

Given China’s love of surveillance and Xinjiang’s place at the heart of surveillance ‘innovation’, it seems we might have found our culprit.

According to Forbes, the two-year campaign which we’d previously assumed was just aimed at iOS actually morphed during the course of the two-year attack to reflect the gadget ownership of the target group. The embedded malware on the trigger web pages was then adapted for each format.

The report from Google’s Project Zero white hat hacking team only mentioned iOS, which is totes awks.

Microsoft commented: “Google Project Zero was very specific in its blog post that the recently publicized attacks used unique iPhone exploits and they have not disclosed similar information to us,”

It has promised it is investigating and will take any and all necessary action.

Apple is yet to comment because, y’know, Apple. Google has made no further comment in light of today’s revelations, but we’d kind of like some answers about why it didn’t notice the Windows and Android stuff when it was researching the iOS stuff.

Although iOS is generally thought of as pretty secure (unless you jailbreak it), it’s thought that not only did the hackers find a way through all those layers of security, but that many non-Ighur were caught in the crossfire. μ

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