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Uttar Pradesh: Case of giving salt-bread to youngsters in class, case in opposition to journalist – jj

Uttar Pradesh: Case of giving salt-bread to youngsters in class, case in opposition to journalist


Pawan Jaiswal

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Pawan Jaiswal

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Pawan Jaiswal says he is being harassed to show the truth

In Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh, the police have registered a case against a local journalist who was reported to have fed children bread with salt in the mid-day meal.

The administration alleges that journalist Pawan Jaiswal has maligned the Uttar Pradesh government under the conspiracy.

Mirzapur Superintendent of Police Awadhesh Kumar Pandey said, "After investigation by the district officer, a case has been registered against three people including journalist Pawan Jaiswal."

He said, "Police is investigating further. One person has been detained in this regard."

Pawan Jaiswal, a journalist working for a local Hindi newspaper, told the BBC, "I am being targeted for doing my work. I am scared after the FIR is registered."

Pawan has been booked for criminal conspiracy and cheating. However, they have not yet received a copy of the FIR made above.

What was in the video?

Pawan recorded a video of students eating bread with salt in the mid-day meal at Shiur, a primary school in Zamalpur development block of Mirzapur district.

This video made by Pawan went viral on social media after which serious questions were raised about the role of local administration.

Pawan told the BBC, "For several days, the people of the village had been calling and informing me about the irregularities in the mid-day meal of the school and urging them to bring the subject to the administration through the media."

He told, "On August 22, a source from the village called me. I had informed the Basic Education Officer before reaching school. When I reached the school at about twelve o'clock, the children were eating bread with salt. I Instant Video Made. "

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Pawan Jaiswal

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Pawan Jaiswal said in his report that only bread was made for children in the mid-day meal. The vegetable was replaced with salt.

Pawan told, "I work for the newspaper. I sent the video to the district level journalists who questioned the District Magistrate in this regard. After the video came out, the District Magistrate conducted an investigation and two people were suspended."

Pawan claims that the local administration investigated five times and found the video and events to be correct. The sixth investigation was done by District Development Officer Priyanka Niranjan.

Pawan says that the District Development Officer asked him to complain in writing about this. He said, "I told him that I am a journalist. My job is to report, I should not be made a party in any matter."

Informational sources arrested?

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Pawan Jaiswal

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The District Magistrate conducted an investigation after the video of the children eating roti with salt went viral.

According to Pawan, the person who had informed them about the irregularities in the school, has been taken into custody.

He says, "After the matter was revealed, the Chief Minister ordered an inquiry. Since then, the local authorities have been framing me to protect myself."

Pawan has been booked under sections 120B (criminal conspiracy), 420 (cheating) and 193 (fabricating false evidence) of the IPC.

They fear that the police will arrest them soon.

After the news of the children being fed salt-bread in the mid-day meal was published, the district administration investigated the school several times.

Basic Education Department official Dharmesh Pandey, who went to conduct one such inquiry, told the BBC, "We went to school to investigate. The children were found to be fed bread with salt. The cook said that the vegetable was late That's why salt bread was fed. "

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Pawan Jaiswal

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District Magistrate Anurag Tiwari himself reached the school and investigated.

At the same time, we tried to talk to the District Officer Anurag Tiwari several times to know the side of the district administration in this matter. He did not reply.

However, he himself did the investigation on the spot and in a statement to the media said, "This is a big irregularity. The children are also being provided fruits and milk by the government. The money of the mid-day meal is with the village head Comes. "

He said, "On the day of the video there is lentil roti to be given to the children. While the children were given roti-salt. This is a huge chaos. In this regard, we have suspended two people."

The FIR lodged by the district administration claimed that Pawan Jaiswal, along with a person named Rajkumar Pal, made a video of children eating salt roti under a conspiracy.

The administration claims that the representative of the village head deliberately got the video made even though he knew that the cook in the school was short of vegetables.

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Pawan Jaiswal

The FIR states, "It is the responsibility of the village head to arrange the mid-day meal, when his representative comes to know about the non-vegetable, he has to inform the chief and provide the vegetable to the cook."

Mid-day meal is the central government's ambitious plan to provide free nutritious food to children in schools. Under this, children are fed in primary schools across the country.

The aim is to end malnutrition among children in rural areas.

After the video made by Pawan Jaiswal went viral, the National Human Rights Commission of India has given notice to the Government of Uttar Pradesh.

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