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What to anticipate from the 2019 iPad Professional refresh – jj

What to anticipate from the 2019 iPad Professional refresh


Apple’s massive fall event is right around the corner. It is expected to bring a slew of new devices, including a refreshed iPad Pro that’s shaping up to be a nice upgrade over the current model.

Faster chips and significantly improved camera performance are just a couple of the things we have to look forward to. Here’s everything we expect from the 2019 iPad Pro upgrade so far.

Make way for the matrix

One thing we can be sure of from the 2019 iPad Pro is a next-generation A-series processor.

The A13, codenamed “AMX” or “matrix” internally, will be even faster than the A12 Bionic, with more impressive graphics. It should also be more efficient, thanks to a new manufacturing process.

This is likely to be Apple’s first 7-nanometer processor (the A12 is a 10-nanometer chip) which means its tiny transistors will be placed even closer together for better performance all-round.

Ramping up the RAM

It’s possible the 2019 iPad Pro will pack more RAM to accompany that A13 chip.

The 2018 iPad Pro lineup offers 3GB (unless you buy the 1TB model, which comes with 4GB) and it can be limiting in certain situations. We could see 4GB become the standard across the board this year.

The extra gigabyte will allow for smoother multitasking, more active tabs in Safari, and better performance in certain apps — like image editors.

A huge camera upgrade

For the first time in iPad history, this year’s Pro models could deliver exactly the same cameras as the latest iPhone.

The 2019 iPad Pro is expected to carry three — just like the iPhone 11 — which will allow for things like Portrait mode, optical zoom, and ultra-wide-angle photos and videos.

They will also provide better low-light performance, ensuring the new iPad Pro’s camera setup is a huge upgrade over the single lens in current models.

Ample storage as standard

Apple could decide to boost storage in the entry-level iPad Pro this year to make it more of a “pro” machine. There are suggestions that the cheapest models will pack 128GB as standard.

That’s double the 64GB currently offered in entry-level iPad Pro variants. It would be a welcome improvement for those who always opt for the cheapest upgrade.

A familiar form factor

Apple typically recycles a winning design for several years, and with the iPad Pro undergoing a huge overhaul just 12 months ago, it’s unlikely it will change drastically this year.

But Apple could make some slight tweaks to the iPad’s aluminum chassis.

It will obviously need to make room for additional camera lenses, and internal reinforcements could be made to eliminate the bending that has plagued some 2018 iPad Pro owners.

Forget about 5G

We’ve all but given up on dreams of 5G connectivity for the iPhone 11, so it is incredibly unlikely that we’ll see it in an iPad any time soon. Rumor has it we’ll be waiting until 2021 at the earliest.

Launching September 20?

We now know Apple will unveil its next-generation devices on September 10. But when will we be able to get our hands on them?

Well, if Apple sticks to its traditional timelines, we should be able to place preorders on September 13 ahead of an official launch on September 20.

That’s the same iPhone 11 launch date that has been leaked by several carriers in recent weeks.


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