Boris Johnson says he didn’t deceive the Queen over suspension of Parliament | I didn’t deceive the Queen concerning the suspension of Parliament: Johnson | I didn’t deceive the Queen about suspension of Parliament: Johnson


London: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Thursday denied that he had given false reasons in his advice to the Queen to suspend the British Parliament for five weeks. According to a BBC report, Johnson was speaking to the media after Scotland's highest civil court called the 'shutdown' illegal on Wednesday.

Asked if he had lied to the Queen while stating the reason for his suspension, he said, "Absolutely not … Hicourt clearly agreed with us, but the decision has to be taken by the Supreme Court."

Johnson insisted that Britain would be ready to leave the European Union (EU) on 31 October.

He said, "What you are seeing happening here is preparation being done seriously and even in the worst case, you can expect the same from any government."

The Prime Minister said, "If we do this then we will certainly be ready for Brexit without a deal and I say again that we do not intend to do so."

The five-week parliament suspension has started on Tuesday.

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