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Epi. #84: Standing ABS Exercise/Constructing six-pack/Decreasing waistline/TrainerMarcelo.com – jj

Epi. #84: Standing ABS Exercise/Constructing six-pack/Decreasing waistline/TrainerMarcelo.com

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Hello fitness fanatics! Here is a great workout to help you build your six-pack, “Standing ABS Workout”.

20 e/side. Knee body cross to elbow
20 e/side. Side crunch – Knee to elbow
20 e/side. Side oblique stretches

Washboard ABS @ http://bit.ly/1pCTLQH
Cardio FAT Burning @ http://bit.ly/1pdqs85
Resistance Tubes @ http://bit.ly/VPBjYF

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  1. I just tried this workout tonight, man was I feeling it halfway through the first set! I used 5kg dumbells and my arms were burning!! I hope I'm sore tomorrow. Will keep doing this workout. How many calories would you say this would burn doing all 3 sets? Does anyone know roughly?

  2. I've been trying to find a good standing ABS workout for a while. I have degenerative disk disease in my lumbar and my neck. Laying on the floor is hell! You just won me over. This will be my new core routine on Su, Tu, & Th. My current workout takes about 10 minutes so this is an easy replacement without bringing myself to tears on the floor. Plus I can use a little more toning in my shoulders and biceps as well. I just won't work those as much on M, W, F. Thanks so much!

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