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Fly protected via the air of the Costa Verde, due to the Parapuerto and its pilots – jj

Fly protected via the air of the Costa Verde, due to the Parapuerto and its pilots

Since 2001, Lima Capital of Peru, has in the district of Miraflores with a Parapuerto, that is, a port for adventure sports such as paragliding, hang gliding, etc.

and that since its creation they have been giving a new experience to Peruvians and foreigners who come to this place to explore the airs of Miraflores.

José Rosas, is part of the beginnings of paragliding in Peru back in 1993, although before there were few who practiced this adventure sport and there was some fear of doing them, with the passing of the years that has changed and now every time there are more who dare to rise to the heavens.

The good organization that the parapuerto has has made travel agencies have in their packages, live a new emotion in the Lima skies and a whole team that goes from the one that administers to the security agents, the guides and pilots all belonging to the Peruvian Association of Paragliding Tandem Pilots that will make your experience more pleasant. Not for something has been several years satisfying the thousands of athletes and fans who have come here.

Placing in this way in a tourist attraction of the district, and where everyone, experts and non-experts has their time in the air of the Costa Verde.

If you want to know more about the Peruvian Parapuerto that is located in the Raymondi Park of said district, visit


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