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  1. Heartfelt movie about grief and the many ways it can affect the family, in love, in work and in suppressed kindness. Was an extremely nice ending, when Mother and Daughter could see each other in caring, throwing away their anger for better tomorrows.

  2. You put the title of your playlist as Once Upon A Prince. You cannot be trusted and I will not subscribe to your channel. Hate it when people are smarmy and put a different title on a movie. This is Not Once Upon a Prince.

  3. Oh swell, we have an ecoterrorist in this Hallmark film. Blaming the loggers, smh. I suppose the idiot will be happier with choked and over croweded forrests and forrest fires that will kill a great many more trees than loggers, and destroy animal habitat and contaiminate the air with smoke. Stupid tree huggers.

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