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Making intercourse regular | Debby Herbenick | TEDxBloomington – jj

Making intercourse regular | Debby Herbenick | TEDxBloomington

The belief that human beings — throughout their lives — deserve to have access to accurate information about their bodies and sexuality drives much of Debby …



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  1. The issue I had w my guy was the fact he diesnt know how to pleasure a wo MN in bed.i broke it off w him though,he said he never got this complained before,I told him its cause I'm actually vocal bout it.personal I think he needs to give it up any ways since hes in his late 50s and he has a hard time keeping his stamina up w it,plus he smokes and overweight.

  2. Some people you just can't fix they don't want to be fixed, they enjoy pushing you away and why they keep you around I have no clue why she wants me around, other than I think if I would have died during my surgery what would have been more different mental to her would have been thinking about starting a new relationship with someone and not want to be touched by them either it takes years to break somebody down and that's what she has done to me

  3. One of the reasons I didn't get into relationship is thinking that it would be sexless. I hardly get to see my parents, friends, relatives have sex or talk about it. So what hope is there that I'll get to do it. Also watching porn just sucks balls.

  4. I agree with everything you discussed. But here in Massachusetts, if you read a book about sex, the closed minded people will think it's perverted, unappropriated, sex offending, sick minded, and they might even call the cops on you. The world needs a better sex education in schools and at home.

  5. So somehow, from the dark ages where even cavemen knew where babies came out, to modern American society, women lost the instinct to know how babies were born? maybe for your family but I sure the rest of the world knows DAH

  6. Good luck on the making it normal WITH WOMEN. Most men I know, including me, are happy to talk about sex, like sex, and try to do both. It's the women who always resist both, and make men feel bad for wanting to talk about and have sex.

  7. I wish I had more patience to explain why I disagree with everyone in the comments who are against this video. Alas, it's just not worth the time I would have to put in.

    Live your lives. Try and be happy. Don't repress your sexuality. Let it out. Learn how to express it. Good luck.

  8. This woman is INSANE. Sex is sacred between 2 people, it shouldn't be whored out in the public forum. I stopped watching porn after I fell in love and we have amazing sex but it comes from real passion and intimacy, not 50 shades of rape.

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