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Pitru Paksha 2019: know in regards to the 5 largest donations of Pitrupaksha… | Pitru Paksha 2019: What’s Pind Daan? – jj

Pitru Paksha 2019: know in regards to the 5 largest donations of Pitrupaksha… | Pitru Paksha 2019: What’s Pind Daan?



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Published: Thursday, September 12, 2019, 7:00 (IST)

new Delhi. Charity or charity is an act whose importance has been accepted equally in all religions. In Hinduism, charity is considered to be the greatest virtuous act. By donating to the needy, he gets his auspicious blessings, by doing this, all the planetary defects of the horoscope are also pacified. Vedic astrology explains in detail the donation for the relief of planetary suffering.

Do you know what are the five biggest donations in the ancestral path, which ancestors are very happy, let us know….

Charity or charity

Charity or charity

  • Cow Dan: Gau Daan is said to be the biggest donation in the scriptures. If you donate cow in the name of ancestors, then Pitru is very happy. As a result of his good blessings, there is never a shortage of money in the family. Most people donate cows in their names after the death of their families. The belief behind this is that when the mritma is traveling to heaven or hell, the river of the river that falls in its path has to be crossed by holding the tail of the cow. The one who donates the cow, only one cow comes to get the mritma crossed. According to Garuda Purana, the best time to donate cow is said to be Pitrupaksha. There are two ways in which the cow can be donated. One is in the name of his dead family and the other himself. If you want the happiness of your fathers, and wish for their auspicious blessings, then you must donate the cow in the name of fathers to the ancestors. If you want to donate the cow yourself, Pitrupaksha's time is also said to be the best for that.
  • Grain donation: The second type of donation is called food donation. Donating food to a needy, hungry, poor person or having a meal filled with happiness is said to be the second best gift. Donation of food is always good, but in the ancestors, giving food to someone in the name of ancestors or offering food to the ancestors is a cause of happiness.

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Keep this in mind in donating clothes…

Keep this in mind in donating clothes…

  • Clothing donation: Donating clothes in the name of ancestors is auspicious. Needy, poor children should be offered new clothes. Warm clothes can also be donated along with the garments. Donation of blankets, slippers, umbrellas is also said to be the best charity. All these donations should be made in the name of fathers. In clothing donation, keep in mind that the clothes should be new, not torn or worn.
  • Donation of medicine: In Pitrupaksha, donation of medicine to needy patients is considered superior. Treating a poor patient and offering medicine to him makes the father happy and offers good blessings. With this donation, the person's life is destroyed and the path of economic progress is on. This increases the total.
Gold donation

Gold donation

The scriptures also give instructions to donate gold in Shraddhapaksha. Donation of gold removes money related obstacles. But the donation should be given only after considering the character and the title. This donation should be given to a proper Vedapathi Brahmin. Silver can also be donated instead of gold. Apart from this, many types of donations like donation of land, donation of ghee, donation of salt, donation of fruits are found in the scriptures.

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