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You're Higher Off Single than Courting that Bitch – jj

You're Higher Off Single than Courting that Bitch

A client thought he found a “traditional, red pill” girl, but she nagged him and ridiculed him to the point he felt horrible about himself. Should he keep her? NO!



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  1. Bs do not have to be religious to think that their emotions and feelings make them superior to others. Scum does that and is common as dust. This B you described is a flag retailer of the soviet kind. Trying to make others feel bad is what these wastes of oxygen do, to feel better about their ruin of existence and absence of personality. Self respect, dignity, determination. They lack that and you need all of these and much more to repel the vermin. My biggest concern is that most women are incredibly delusional. How many I meet day to day who think of themselves so highly and ignore reality that shows otherwise. Its not even on the level of romantic interest, as a species we are so totally boned if this is not remedied with upcoming families. Statistics reveal that, its only going to get worse, much much worse.

  2. The creature I married said she wanted to be a full-time homemaker. Sounded OK. A few years later she said I ruined her career. I didn't bother mentioning that, when we got married, she didn't have a career or even a job. I fell for, "I got fired" and the half-assed explaination. Good chance that, if you are dumb enough to get married, you will be seen through shit tinted glasses, until you get rid of the monster.

    For goodness sake, don't overlook or tolerate anything. Tolerance is a sort of insanity. Don't be tolerant. President Jack Kennedy said, "Forgive your enemies. Remember their names." The first time someone makes you feel uncomfortable, don't waste time analyzing. Just walk off.

  3. I think it's better now that he's learnt about how women are than if he has never dealt with a woman. Don't stay single! Date them, the only way to learn about women and setting your objective standards towards women. Go out and date them!

  4. Problem with just pretty is u will get used to it, but the busting of balls will start to grate.

    You're a Man, men have survived through far worse than not getting with women. It's women that can't survive without us.

  5. He's better off without that harpy. The thing about cars is I can fix anything on them. I am not going to pay top dollar new car money for a rusted out rolling shell, but I will give you a couple hundred and then rebuild it with parts I have for it. A girl, shit, nothing you can do about them being horrible untrustworthy twats. Don't buy it, test drive it, neutral slam it, run it through the gears, and leave it dripping fluids in section 8 housing.

    I know a girl like that, sweet, cute, not a raging feminist, has herpes. NOPE! Feminism is ideological herpes.

  6. Jesus did I write this email? I just went through this crap for 1.5 years and we broke up 2 months ago. Everything this dude wrote was similar with my recent relationship. She broke up with me because she didn’t want to support me in my law enforcement career. Of course she wouldn’t say that but instead blame me for not being Christian enough for her.

  7. Golfed the past 2 days and also golfing today….this time up at Prescott…cooler! Happily never got married as I was warned early….and listened. I enjoy women but never took them serious. At 54 now all I see is divorced women my age who are broke, debt riddled, and miserable. Men: make money and save money, enjoy life and freedom!! Timmy C the forever bachelor.

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