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CAPRICORN, dwell now, take pleasure in and evade the entice, September 2019 – Afternoon.in.the.night time.tarot. – jj

CAPRICORN, dwell now, take pleasure in and evade the entice, September 2019 – Afternoon.in.the.night time.tarot.

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If you want to book personalized private reading, write to my email: late.in.la.night.tarot@gmail.com to schedule and exchange data. I don't read about legal issues, health or deceased people. There are no refunds after the reading is made, therefore please make sure you want a reading before buying. The deposit will only be made once the date with the necessary information is scheduled, otherwise it will be received as a donation to the channel.

For video reading, the waiting time can be up to 7 days after the date scheduled to receive the link to your video. (By subject of realization and editing of the video)
You will find cost information below (payments will only be made through PAYPAL):
1 Urgent question 15-20 minute video, shipping in 24h00 max – $ 44.44
20-30 minutes of video or three questions – $ 33.33
10-15 minutes of video or 2 questions – $ 22.22
5-10 minutes of video or 1 question – $ 11.11
1 Gift card for personalized reading of 5-10 minutes – $ 12.34
1 Gift card for personalized reading of 10-15 minutes – $ 23.45
1 Gift Card for personalized reading of 20-30 minutes – $ 34.56
The process for the card is the same as the other readings, the difference is that after the purchase, we will contact the person to whom you will receive the gift by attaching a personalized card letting you know that you have a gift from the person who made the pay.

Once you write me in the mail: late.in.the.night.tarot@gmail.com. requesting me a reading, I will send you all the data that I need to schedule it, once the data has been delivered we will continue to make the payment with verification using PayPal and finally you will receive your personalized video link on the agreed date or in 7 days to the date scheduled.

Thank you for playing this video hoping it was to your liking. If you liked it, please give it a thumbs up to film more like this, if you want to see upcoming videos that upload to the platform; please subscribe and activate the notification bell, so you don't miss any videos. I would very much like you to share this video to reach more people with the messages of my spiritual guide and comment on your experience with this reading so that visitors can have reviews. Without more to say, keep watching the videos presented at the end of this one, you will surely like them, otherwise we will see each other very soon. Blessings, hugs and greetings.

1. Tarot readings are for entertainment purposes only and should NEVER replace professional psychological, medical, legal or financial services.
2. Late.in.the.night.tarot is not responsible for any action the client decides to take.


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