CRM course for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs. Class N ° 2 IN SPANISH

Free CRM course for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs. Class N ° 2 IN SPANISH. In this video I show you what is CRM and what is it for (benefits)? and how to implement a CRM for customer relationship management and have control over sales. We will design the application for the management of the goals of the month, we will know the free and paid extensions and we will create the application to document products and services.

10:04 | Introduction to class 2 of the online CRM course for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs

1:00 pm | Creating a new application in our CRM, application for managing the goals of the month.

46:57 | Knowing the free and paid podium extensions

53:23 | Creating a new application in our CRM called Products and services

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What is the difference between the free CRM course for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs and the paid one?

Some of the content is the same, the videos that we have on the YouTube list are also in the course on our payment platform but in this one there is much more content, in addition to that each student of the payment course can request private consulting for their projects with Carlos Cortés.


I am a national and international consultant, digital entrepreneur and creator of the first social networks in Latin America, I have written several books specialized in marketing, creativity, advertising and branding, teacher in the Marketing Master's Degree at the Universidad Externado de Colombia, researcher at the Colombian Observatory Social Media, several times jury of the Ibero-American Festival of Creativity and Strategy, Creative Director of Carlos Cortés Agency with whom I have served clients such as HP, Presidency of the Republic of Colombia, Roche, Andrés Carne de Res, Marriott, Converse, Radamel Falcao García, Fox Channels Colombia, Renault, Frisby, among others.

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