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Gasoline Big – Too Stoned – jj

Gasoline Big – Too Stoned

Gas Giant is a Danish stoner rock band and Too Stoned is a track from Pleasant Journey In Heavy Tunes titled album, wich made in 2000.



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  1. answer to: "thrashead93"
    "hey man you created THRASH METAL….. and so many bands from europe are influenced from american bands……!!!!one of my dreams is to visit america sometime….we owe you"

    ey man, if you let me:
    sepultura – brazil
    coroner, celtic frost – switzerland
    tankard, kreator, destruction, sodom, holy moses – germany
    onslaught, sabbat – u.k.
    artillery – denmark
    mortal sin – australia
    voivod, annihilator – canada
    etc, etc…

    not fighting, but for me is not so clear this unique origin, greetings

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