Jharkhand Lynching: What might have saved life after beating


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In the administrative investigation of the famous tabrez Ansari lynching case of Jharkhand, it has been found that the doctors who treated them initially acted negligently.

Medical examination of Tabrez, who was brought to the hospital in a badly injured state, did not follow the criteria that are required for examination of patients with trauma cases. However, after being taken to jail, the deputed doctor there completed all those procedures. But by then many hours had passed.

Seraikela SDO Dr Basharat Qiyam confirmed this in a conversation with BBC.

He was the head of the three-member investigation team to which the Deputy Commissioner (DC) of Saraikela Khasanwa had entrusted the investigation of the case. This team found negligence of doctors and police in its investigation. After this, he submitted his report to DC.

Blood pressure not seen

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SDO Dr Basharat Qayyum said, "We examined Tabarez's medical papers. It was then discovered that the doctor who first saw him was negligent after being brought to Sadar Hospital on the morning of 18 June. He did not make the card, Which is an essential part of the examination of patients with trauma cases. "

The doctor, who examined Tabrez in the morning, wrote only the Multiple Injury on his paper. It was not a description of where and how much he was injured. Necessary investigation was also not done for this. His blood pressure was not even seen. He only advised to get an X-ray of the knee, but the police did not even investigate it and went back to the police station.

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Sadar Hospital Deputy Superintendent Dr. Burial Mardi

He also said, "Tabrez was brought back to Sadar Hospital before being produced before a magistrate in the evening. Then the doctor on duty got him an X-ray. After that he gave the 'Fit to Travel' certificate. Even then A full investigation was not done. After being taken to jail, the doctor there completed all this procedure. "

If there was a cure…

The SDO said, "It would be very subjective to say, but there was negligence in treatment."

However, Tabarez Ansari's family believes that his life could have been saved.

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Tabrez Ansari's wife Shaista Parveen

His uncle Mashrur Alam told the BBC, "The crowd of Muttkidih village is not only responsible for Tabrez's death. The doctors, the jail administration and the police are equally guilty. We should all be accused of murder." It has demanded a CBI inquiry. If it is not heard, then we will have to go to the High Court or the Supreme Court for justice. But, we will fight this battle. "

How was negligence in treatment

According to the available papers, on the morning of June 18, Dr. Om Prakash Kesari at Saraikela Sadar Hospital had examined the tabrez. He wrote to have an X-ray of his knee. Did not conduct any further investigation.

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Did not even get hospitalized. When Tabarez's health deteriorated in jail on June 21, even then Dr. Kesari went to jail to see him. He still did not recommend Tabrez to be hospitalized. The next day, Tabarez's health deteriorated again on the morning of 22 June. He was brought to the hospital, but could not be saved. He died.

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Tabrez Ansari's uncle Mashroor Alam

When asked about this, Dr. Om Prakash Kesari did not comment. He advised to talk to a senior officer. Then Dr. Barial Mardi, Deputy Superintendent of Sadar Hospital confirmed this development. He told that the jail doctors were on leave on 21 and 22 June. Therefore, Dr. Kesari was sent there.

He told the BBC, "Tabrez came to the hospital on his own. There are CCTV footage and pictures of it. Because he had complained of knee pain and injury, Dr. Kesari only recommended a knee X-ray. The jail administration says that he went there himself to the washroom. He came and drank water. Then his health deteriorated. Why would any doctor be negligent in treatment. "

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Not a forensic expert

Dr. Burial Mardi also did a post-mortem of Tabarez Ansari's body. He was leading a team of three doctors. He admitted that there was no forensic specialty of any doctor in that team.

Police side

SP Karthik S of Seraikela Kharsanwa does not blame the police. He said that we did a fantastic job. Thirteen people were arrested and handed over the charge sheet on time. But, due to the removal of 302 on the basis of the medical report, the media is putting us in the dock. Whereas in Dafa-304 there is also life sentence. Apart from this, chargesheets have also been filed in many more cognizant sections, including allegations of hurting religious sentiments. Now what the court will say, we will do.

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Kartik S, SP of Seraikela Kharsawan

SP Karthik S told the BBC, the doctors had to treat Tabrez. If the doctors had recommended him to be admitted, then how would we have taken him to jail. Tabrez did not make any complaint before the magistrate either. If they said they needed treatment, then why would the court send them to jail on judicial remand.

Performance in delhi

However, a public protest has been organized in front of Jharkhand Bhawan in Delhi on the afternoon of 13 September against the willful killing in Tabarez case. A video of Tabrez's wife Shaista Parveen pleading to join it is going viral on social media.

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