Modi authorities is giving an opportunity to purchase low-cost gold as much as Rs 1100 sitting at dwelling! These Three advantages will likely be out there together- Gold Worth India Purchase Low cost Gold in India Sovereign Gold Bond SGB Advantages Options Enterprise – Information in Hindi


In the midst of rising gold prices, the Modi government of the Center has brought a new scheme of cheap gold. There is an opportunity to buy cheap gold in the government scheme Sovereign Gold Bond from 9 to 13 September. If you put it in simple words, then it is clear that under this scheme you can buy gold for about Rs 1100 less than the market price. At present, the price of gold is 40 thousand rupees per ten grams. At the same time, gold is being available for Rs 38,900 per ten grams under this scheme. Also, you will also get interest for investing in gold bonds. Apart from this, the government is also getting a rebate of 50 rupees for buying online.

Let's know how you can buy gold

What is Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme-The scheme was started in November 2015. Its purpose is to reduce the demand for physical gold and to use the domestic savings used in the purchase of gold in financial savings. Instead of buying gold at home, if you invest in sovereign gold bond, you can also save tax.

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Where to buy cheap gold- Sovereign Gold Bond is sold through banks, Stock Holding Corporation of India Limited, selected post offices and NSE and BSE. You can go to any one of these places and join the bond scheme.

>> Let us tell you that the price of this bond is fixed in rupees on the basis of the prices given by Bharat Bullion and Jewelers Association Ltd. for the last 3 days of 999 purity gold.

Extra discount of Rs 50 will be available here The Finance Ministry has said that the Government of India has given a discount of Rs 50 per gram in the bond price on online application and payment in consultation with RBI. This means that the price of these gold bonds is fixed at Rs 3,890 per gram. If you book online then you will get a discount of 50 rupees. That is, then the price will be Rs 3,840 per gram.

Know about Sovereign Gold Bond benefits…

(1) You will get more profit- Under this scheme, an annual investment of 2.5% will be given on initial investment.

(2) There will be huge savings – Bond prices depend on the volatility in gold prices. Gold bonds give negative returns on falling gold prices.

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>> To reduce this volatility, the government is issuing long-term gold bonds.

>> The investment period in this is 8 years, but you can withdraw your money even after 5 years. Capital gain tax is also not levied on withdrawing money after five years.

(3) You can take loan-If needed, a loan can also be taken from the bank in lieu of gold. Gold bond paper can also be used as collateral for loans. It is like the National Saving Certificate of the Post Office.

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