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Doable The Greatest shot in historical past of pool by Jimmy White – jj

Doable The Greatest shot in historical past of pool by Jimmy White

Watch this snooker match , its a must watch, see how the player perfectly pockets every ball , this is surely a historic match.


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  1. The title of this video stands to point out the comedic irony of our beloved snooker player Jimmy White hitting a commendable and tricky shot in 9 ball. It's funny, and it's a "hey, these guys are good cuisits up and down." Good video- none of us would have seen the footage without it. haha.

  2. A nice shot indeed but you need to view more shots obviously. Check the best of Efren Reyes. He easily has on video 20-30 shots made that are truly contenders for best shot ever caught on video…certainly dwarfing this by comparison.

  3. There's never ever a dull game when Jimmy White is at the table. he has the balls no pun intended to attempt just about any shot theoretically possible , he just can't resist them because he knew he could probably pull it off. In his heyday and in form was and ramans the most entertaining shhnookahh/billiards man to ever grace the table in my book…

    Total gent..

  4. Everyone on this post seems to be a pool grand master. It's a pity that none of you realise how difficult it is for a Snooker player to judge angles and particularly the effect of side spin on table that has a totally different feel to a Snooker table. Then there is the weight of the balls, size of the balls and most importantly, the difference in cue weight, feel and tip diameter. For a Snooker player, playing pool is like trying to ride a child's bicycle.
    But Jimmy White was so talented that he could just pick up a broom stick and win. literally.

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