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[Skyrim Marriage] Muiri as my (annoying) spouse – jj

[Skyrim Marriage] Muiri as my (annoying) spouse

UPDATE: If you are experiencing the same bug, press ~ to enter console command then type resetquest DB03 to fix. It may affect some Dark Brotherhood quest, …



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  1. anyone know where muiri goes after you marry her? I checked both my houses (breezeholm and lakeside manor) but she didn't go to either one it seems. I can't remember where she is by default (before you marry her), so I haven't checked wherever that might be.

  2. i don't know but i do know if you kill her inheritance comes . i don't know if you can remarry . try saving before you kill her just in case you cant remarry . (try buying an amulet of mara after the inheritance it does not come in a long time ).

    hope this helps

  3. @TrinhThanhTrung own…i never thought to kill my wife. But mayyybee…just mayyybe….a dagger in the neck happens something 🙂

    PS: I was joking about the houses ><. But is my wish to. Imagine a wife in each house? And none of them know about each other. heheheh

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