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Inform Me About Your self – Finest Reply to this Interview Query – YouTube Prime Choose – jj

Inform Me About Your self – Finest Reply to this Interview Query – YouTube Prime Choose

Watch Don show you exactly how to answer “Tell Me About Yourself.”

Tell me about yourself is one of the toughest interview questions. This is an open-ended question, but really what the interviewer wants to hear is about your recent work experience and your journey that brought you to this point in your career. Why don’t they just ask that question instead? Because they want to see where you will go with an open-ended question. Your answer to “tell me about yourself” tells the interviewer where your mind is. If you start telling him that you are a Cleveland Browns fan, then you are way off base with what he wants to hear and you have just made your first mistake.

What do you want the interviewer to know about you when you leave, your work experience or your personal interests? I’m confident their hiring decision will be based on your work experience, save your personal interests for the water cooler after you get the job.

Wrong answer to tell me about yourself:

1. “What would you like to know?” This statement completely throws the question back at the interviewer in somewhat of an insulting way and he/she is forced to reword the question.

Best answer to tell me about yourself:

1. “What part of my work experience would you like me to talk about?”
a. Now the interviewer can reply with a simple straightforward answer. Some interviewers want you to start from your first job and others only want to hear about your most recent job.
b. If the interviewer would like you to start from your first job, assuming it has been several years since you had that job, then lightly touch on the jobs that you no longer hold, but expand on your current or most recent job experience and accomplishments.

Focus on your answer and talk about your accomplishments from your current or most recent job and lightly touch on your daily duties. These are the things an interviewer really wants to hear. Because if he thinks you were successful at your past job, then you will be successful at this job. Even if you don’t feel that you accomplished anything, look deep and think of something you did that helped the company. Or better yet, describe an accomplishment that you contributed to the company, just make sure it’s in the same line of work. For example, don’t take credit for boosting sales revenue if your job is to fix computers.

• Briefly talk about your current employer.
• Discuss 2-3 of your most significant accomplishments.
• Talk about a few of your key strengths as they relate to the job for which you are applying and how they can benefit from your strengths.
• Then discuss how you see yourself fitting into a position at their company.

1. Speak of how you completed projects on time and under budget.
2. Tell them how you increased sales revenues for two straight quarters in a row.
3. Describe of how you came up with a new procedure that saved the company money.
4. “I have been in the customer service industry for several years and most of my experience has been dealing with calls from our customers. I truly enjoy working with the people in this business as well as the challenges. In my last job, the good relationships I formed with my customers resulted in me holding the highest customer retention rate of everyone else in my department.”
5. “One of my best strengths is my attention to detail. When I set out to work on a task or project, I always make sure it get’s done on time.”

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  1. I am Bangladeshi My name is nahid My question is, I applied for some jobs in Bangladesh and all the skills I have for that job. But after some time, another person has been appointed for the job. The person who has been appointed does not have the skills. Later I can hear the people of the upper level recruiting them with money. Now what I do is think of a job and start a business with my own skills. But that amount of money is needed. I don't have that amount of money. So I can't decide on life

  2. I DISAGREE!! I started off talking about my career and experiences, but halfway through I was interrupted and was told they like to start by knowing about me as a person etc. NEVER listen to videos like this – when was the last time this man was on the other side of the desk?

  3. Sir I read your job post .
    Which requires very qualified and responsible person.
    I am qualified as well as I am very discipline person. In my previous job , company give me responsibility of 1 oem ; sir I have one year of experience also I have done training course which belongs to this field.

    during my previous job I interact with many clients, end user and i am happy that I solved their problem

    Sir if I get opportunity in your company then I will feel very motivated and I will serve very high quality performance from my site

  4. I just wanted to take a moment to THANK YOU for these videos, I had never really prepared for interviews before… last week I was called for an interview in a company where I really wanted to work … I studied and practiced using your videos … and I got the job !!! 🙏🙏 so thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge with us !!! ☺️

  5. Don has great content, watch his videos!

    One additional recommendation would be to answer with question with "I reviewed the position and it appears to be a great match for my three of my core strengths/skills, problem solving, leadership, and driving results with data (identify your specific strengths for the position you are applying to). I am happy to discuss all three, but is their one strength you would like me to focus on that would aligns with your specific needs right now for this opening?"

    This is important because you turned your focus specifically to the role and how you are a fit, these are the critical items for the tell me about yourself question. Remember sometimes company priorities change after they post the role, don't assume that they won't have a specific skill or strength that is critical right now/today; you are allowing the interviewer to see that you are focused on their needs and removing any guess work or assumptions about what is most important to them. This strategy may only work 25% of the time, but in those instances you will be telling the interviewer exactly what they want to hear. If not, you are still focused on aligning your core strengths/skills with the position and this is always a good idea!

    I hope this insight helps!

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  7. All of your vids do help but most of us do not work in a professional office setting. How do I use this if I stock shelves in a grocery store to a job as a business analyst? I have no freaking experience in that

  8. Anyone here that's got an interview coming up. Here's are a few tips for you.

    1) If you feel you panic a lot. Think of going into the interview as the interviewer. "Why is this company the best fit for me?"

    2) If they tell you that you didn't get the job or that they'll let you know in a week etc. ALWAYS ask why you didn't get it. "Can you tell me why I didn't get the job so I can improve on my interview skills for future interviews."

    That puts them on the spot and you'll get a lot of great feedback from this.

    Most companies don't tell you why you forget the job but always ask because your trying to improve yourself.

    Another great question is.."Why attracted you about me in my resume?" You can ask these at the end of the interview when you allot you time.

    Good luck.

  9. WRONG ! – You're very first answer should be: I am a gentleman. It's a trick question. Interviewer wants to know if you are cultured/mannered – that is also important. And then go into some education and the relevant experience you have that lines up. Accomplishments count big !

  10. I bought his course with $99 last year, the contents in the course are as same as what you can see on his youtube channel! So, now you know how to save your money. I wanted to get a refund at that time, so that I sent Don and his team a few emails, but I could not get any responses at all although he promised that it was refundable in his advertisement. I agreed to what Alex Mag said, "People who good at interview just best liars", and Don is the best person to teach you how to be the best liars in a job interview, because himself is very good on lying.

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