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When a separated son present in America as an alternative of Chennai after 20 years – jj

When a separated son present in America as an alternative of Chennai after 20 years


Avinash with his family

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"When my wife went to get water from the government tap near the house, our son was playing there and within a minute the kidnapper picked it up."

Avinash's father Nageswara Rao remembers that moment and explains this. On 18 February 1999, his one and a half year old son was kidnapped.

"Many people searched for him but we could not find his son."

Nageswara Rao and Sivagami live in Puliyanthop area of ​​Chennai in Tamil Nadu. Subhash was his youngest son.

Says Nageswara Rao, "We lodged a complaint with the police. We tried everything possible to find the son. We also saw legal options to get the son back and made rounds of temples."

But the police investigation was proceeding at a very slow pace, so Nageshwar Rao's lawyer filed a petition for habeas corpus (habeas corpus) in the High Court in 2006.

Meanwhile, the CBI was also investigating itself on the missing children and its eyes were on a firm named Malaysian Social Service. He gathered information about some children who were kidnapped and sent for adoption.

In the year 2009, CBI also became active in Subhash's case.

Nageshwar Rao's lawyer Mohanvedivelan says, "While we were searching for Subhash, we came to know about Avinash, a child living in America. Through a journalist Scott Carne, we tried to publish a story in the American media. And later we asked them to talk to the family of Avinash. "

In fact, the kidnapped child from Chennai was given to Subhash Malaysian Social Service firm. Later, an American couple adopted her and gave the child a new name Avinash.

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According to the lawyer, "When we contacted the American couple about the DNA test, there was no exact response from them."

After this, through Interpol, he obtained a sample of the child's blood and was tested in Chennai. The investigation confirmed the close between the child and the family.

Says Nageswara Rao, "Despite proving that he is our child, we did not have enough courage to fight back with the adoptive family and bring him back. They brought him up with great love. So we waited They tell themselves about this to the child and then they themselves can decide about meeting us. "

Avinash's American Life

Avinash was living in the US with his relatives, along with three brothers and sisters. At the age of 13, he came to know about his real parents living in India.

Avinash says, "It was a very delicate age for this kind of information. I did nothing. All the information that came to me was just looking at it."

Four or five years ago Avinasha decided to visit her biological parents living in India.

He says, "When I told my family in America, my adoptive parents and siblings gave me full support."

On September 8, 2019, Nageshwar Rao's family was meeting his son after 20 years.

Rao explains, "We took him to whatever place he wanted to see in Chennai. We didn't think of anything else for us. We provided him whatever he wanted to eat and we took him wherever he wanted to go."

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Avinash with family lawyer Mohenvedivelan

On the other hand, Avinash says that he has got peace from this meeting.

He says, "Meeting my biological parents, knowing their city, as they grew up, my culture and other things was a great experience. Knowing where I came from, it gave me a sense of peace Is created. "

After spending a few days with his family, Avinash is now returning to America.

Nageshwar Rao says, "My wife is really happy to find her missing son. Though she is sad about the son's return, but at the same time she is explaining to the son that her family is there."

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Linguistic barrier

Before the meeting, Avinash was in touch with his family lawyer Mohanvedivelan. In this meeting, the family faced the biggest problem in the form of language.

Avinash does not know Tamil and no member of Nageswara Rao's family knows English. Therefore, his lawyer acted as a bridge between the two sides.

According to lawyer Mohenvediveln, "When the two sides met, they did not understand how to talk. His mother hugged and wept. She did not know how to speak with words. Although I was translating for her, But the emotional side cannot be threaded into words. "

But Avinash had already taken the option of learning Tamil. When we asked him about the difficulties of communicating with the family, he said, "After reaching America I have decided to learn Tamil. Even if I do not speak fluently, I will definitely learn some basic things so that our No need for a middle translator. "

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