AAj ka Mantra: Use these mantras to remain completely happy and wholesome. AAj ka Mantra: these mantra will makes themselves completely happy, wholesome and rich


Please mother laxmi

Please mother laxmi

Mother Lakshmi is the consort of Lord Vishnu and is considered the goddess of wealth, wealth, peace and prosperity. The one who has his grace, does not suffer from poor, weak, sorrowful, dissatisfied and backwardness. If you are worried about the financial crisis for a long time, then start worshiping Goddess Lakshmi from today, the mother will remove all the troubles.

This is the mantra

O mahalakshmayi f vidmhe vishnupatnya f dhimhi tanno lakshmi: prachodyat.

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Mantra to be happy forever

Mantra to be happy forever

Prasanna Chetso Hayushu: Wisdom: Parevishistate. This mantra should be done in the evening by facing towards the north. Chanting this mantra 7 times every day for 21 consecutive days gives immediate benefit.

Mantra to please the boss

The mantra to please the boss is- Elalvang Samyukta Tambulam Pratigrihamatam.

Astrologers claim that if you chant this mantra, your boss will be happy with you. This mantra should be recited thrice a day.

Child welfare mantra

Child welfare mantra

The mantra of child welfare is– Shri Krishnaya Vasudevaya Hareye Parmatmane, especially the affliction, Goddess Govindaye Namo Namah.

If you chant a mantra, then your children will always be happy.

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