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Airline Charges: Weigh Extra, Pay Extra? – jj

Airline Charges: Weigh Extra, Pay Extra?

With new hefty baggage fees, should obese passengers also pay for their pounds?



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  1. The way i see it is if i bring a suitcase that isn't a carry on i pay more because it's too big to put in the overhead. Id pay more for weight and convenience of having everything i may need, soooo i pack a small bag. I do something about it rather than complain. If you're mad about paying more then there's one option DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. What's the difference? Im honestly blown away that there's even a argument about it lol. If you go to a restaurant and they don't serve enough food you don't complain that you're fat and need more in your meal you buy two fuckin dinners lol.

  2. “Why don’t they make some seats that are a little larger?”
    They have airplane seats down to a science. The absolute minimum space for a seat to fit as many seats as possible. Larger seats for the same price would never happen.

  3. I agree that if you are overweight you should have to pay for two seats but that should happen before the ticket is purchased. Height and weight and/or measurements should be a required field to fill in when purchasing tickets. It would save time and prevent embarrassment and hassle for the passenger and the staff. Sure there would be people fighting against it for 'fat shaming' but it is NOT fat shaming. If you take up more than one seat it is a scientific fact that you are too big for one seat. It is nothing personal. You have the right to be large and the person sitting next to you has the right to be comfortable in the seat that they paid for.

  4. In Japan fat people by are breaking the law and are subject all kinds of counselling programs. I'd say this approach is better than the American approach of large dollars going into medicine. What Spirit airlines is doing is helping people, not hurting them.

  5. Fat people absolutely should pay more.
    Weight is a huge factor in planes being able to fly, it doesn't matter if it's luggage or people.

    She is not a weight loss blogger, she's a huge, giant fat-ass living in her own delusional world.

  6. Damn right, and they should pay more for giant clothes to, its ridiculous how we reward being fat in this country, at the grocery store fat people can use motorized carts and handicapped spots, it's not a disability, it's their fault, if your fat than walk around places you need it anyways.

  7. People didn't used to be enormous and why should the rest of the world change because people eat badly and don't exercise? flying is a luxury and so is precessed food which uses cash crops grown in the third world. Beans , rice and broccoli are cheap.

  8. fat people playing the victim card when all they did is due to their own bad behaviour. Fuck symphathy for people who made bad choices and me as a functional human biting the end of the rope.

    0 tolerance for fatties.

  9. Make it cost more to be a greedy pig. To expect everyone else to cover the cost or provide a free EXTRA seat that could go to someone else with thier own rights. A couple extra seats per plane will add up to a few extra flights per day at least.

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