America, India Pakistan Rigidity: America lawmakers involved about Indo-Pak pressure over Kashmir Scenario | Democrats enchantment to their ambassadors – attempt to cut back tensions between India and Pakistan


  • MPs said – tension between the two countries threatens global peace and America's national security
  • 'We take advantage of our relationship with the government of both countries to improve the situation'
  • President Trump repeated a proposal to help India-Pakistan for the fourth time on 9 September; Republican government in America at this time

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Sep 14, 2019, 12:10 PM IST

Washington. US Democrats have raised serious concerns over the situation in Jammu and Kashmir. He urged the US ambassadors in New Delhi and Islamabad to ease tensions between India and Pakistan. Tension between the two countries has increased since the removal of Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir.

The group of Democrat MPs wrote letters to US Ambassador to India Kenneth Juster and Ambassador to Pakistan Paul W. Jones on Friday. According to the letter, US lawmakers said that relations between India and Pakistan would not improve in such a situation. It is a threat to global peace and America's national security.

'Both countries are our important allies'

The letter stated that both Pakistan and India are important allies of the US. Along with the peace process in Afghanistan, the reduction of tension in the region is necessary for our interests. It is very important that we take advantage of our relationship with their (Indo-Pak) government and improve the situation.

Among the lawmakers who signed the letter are Ilhan Omar, Raoul M. Grijalva, Andy Levine, James P. Macquarn, Ted Lieu and Alan Lowenthal. They are all Democrats.

Pakistan should not support terrorism

At the same time, on Thursday, four US lawmakers, expressing concern over the situation in Jammu and Kashmir, appealed that India should restore communication system in Jammu and Kashmir and release the detained leaders. At the same time, it was said that Pakistan should refrain from taking any steps that destabilize Kashmir supporting terrorism.

Trump repeated the offer to help for the fourth time

Earlier, on 9 September, US President Donald Trump said that tensions between India and Pakistan have lessened in the last two weeks. He also repeated his proposal to help both the countries for the fourth time. Trump said, "I have good relations with both countries. I want to help them and they know it. "


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