Brazil: 11 lifeless in Rio de Janeiro's hospital hearth | Brazil: 11 lifeless in Rio de Janeiro's hospital hearth


Rio de Janeiro: At least 11 people died in a fire in a private hospital in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Officials gave this information. Police Inspector Robtray Ramos said, "There may be more deaths. I hope that does not happen but there is a possibility of it happening."

Some people were trying to find their loved ones among the 103 patients inside the hospital. The fire broke out on Thursday evening. Rio Corner Office said that some died due to smoke and suffocation while some died due to failure of life-support equipment.

Four firefighters were also injured while extinguishing the fire, for which the hospital blamed a short circuit in the generator. Barring 13 patients, the rest were finally admitted to eight other hospitals in Rio de Janeiro.

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Mayor Marcello Crivella told the media at the hospital on Friday morning that the building was legally designed with the necessary fire-safety equipment. Police and fire department have started investigations to find out the cause of the fire. Rio de Janeiro's Department of Civil Defense said on Twitter on Friday morning that it had been working at the scene since last evening with a group of eight technicians.

It said that its team laid siege to Badim Hospital and the area around it and is currently awaiting clearance from the police to inspect the structure of the building. The department said that the residents of about six houses located near the hospital have been instructed to evacuate their houses as a precaution.

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