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How Employers Give Workers Well being Care at NO COST TO THEM – new enterprise well being plan coop – jj

How Employers Give Workers Well being Care at NO COST TO THEM – new enterprise well being plan coop

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1. ACA Compliant (affordable care act – compliant)
2. ERISA Compliant (if you don’t know what that means)
3. Employer DOES NOT have to pay a portion of the premium because it isn’t really a “premium” since it is a member cost monthly. If you as an employer wants health “insurance” for your employees then you must pay HALF but with this the employer does not have to pay for it. Normally employees can not get group discounts on their own. With this DAC/SBA plan employees can get the discount. Now the employer can can offer this as a perk to employees. Even though they do not have to pay, the employer could pay a portion or half or all if they wanted to.
4. Refund of claim money. With “insurance” you do not get a refund. With this plan, everybody puts money into it. If the group doesn’t use all the funds, it is given back to the business owner to reduce rates for all the following year.
5. Re-insurance purchased so if money goes above the claim fund the employer is not liable.
6. Expert team to answer all employee questions, promote the plan, do a presentation with Q&A. The business owner and HR do not have to handle it.
7. Live portal to see the Doctor, to see plan-coverage.
8. Look good to your employees offering at least some health coverage

It could be a supplemental to offer even if employees do have insurance.

1. Low monthly cost. Far lower than insurance
2. No deductible
3. ACA compliant so all the standard yearly things are covered for $20 each: Preventative care visits, physicals, pap smears, flu shots, immunization
4. Discount pharmacy plan / dental discount
5. 24 hour telecare video portal to doctor (Doctor visit ONLINE through video)
6. no pre-existing limitation

The SBA Freedom Protect Plans marketed by DAC are not your typical health coverage. SBA Freedom Protect is a partially self-funded health care coverage program regulated by ERISA which is the Federal Law that sets the standards for over 60% of employer established health care plans in private and public sector industry.

Imagine zero deductible, first dollar coverage, no medical underwriting, no pre-existing condition exclusions, ACA mandated coverages, and more – plus nationwide preferred provider networks that includes over 4000 primary hospitals and most licensed board-certified physicians. The SBA Freedom Protect Plans offer “no deductible” coverage with the flexibility, affordability, and usability so Employers can now effectively manage employee health care needs and benefit costs.

Your staff can purchase the amount of coverage that they believe best fits their needs and lifestyle. The SBA Freedom Protect Plans provide a great solution for Employers to attract and retain valuable employees with a robust medical benefits program. The SBA Freedom Protect Plans are implemented on a contributory or non-contributory basis, and fit easily into your 125 cafeteria plan to pay for certain benefits on a pre-tax basis. If annual coverage needs are expected to exceed The SBA Freedom Protect Plans’ annual limitations, employees should consider additional industry available options.

What are the requirements to access these healthcare plans?
A member must be at least a business group of one – for example, a 1099 contractor, LLC, sole proprietorship, and must become a member of the SB/A Cooperative to be a part of the small business health care coOp alternative to health insurance.

Does the SB/A Cooperative offer Minimum Essential Coverage benefits?
A. The SB/A Cooperative offers medical health benefit plans that also include the Minimum Essential Coverages (MEC) as was required under the original Affordable Care Act. This includes Preventative Care, Routine Well Care, Adult Preventative Services and Screenings, Woman Preventive Services and Screenings, Child Preventive Services and Screenings, and 100% of ACA Mandated Prescriptions such as birth control.
What are features of the SB/A Cooperative medical benefit plans?
A. Zero deductibles, first dollar coverage, low out-of-pocket maximums, no pre-existing condition exclusions, no waiting periods*, Affordable Care Act Preventative (MEC- Minimum Essential Coverage) covered at 100%, pharmacy prescription, Virtual Clinic 24/7, dental and vision discount plan.
Are there front-end deductibles?
A. There are no front-end deductibles.

Do The Freedom Plans offer telemedicine?
A. Yes, members will have access to 24 Hr. Virtual Clinic which allows members to call and speak to a state board certified physician who will be able to triage the patient and if required, prescribe appropriate medications to be picked up at a member pharmacy.

* Business owner or Sponsor members pay $24 annually, which renews January 1 of each year.



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