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Jesse James on Sandra Bullock Marriage: 'I Wished to Get Caught' (05.04.2011) – jj

Jesse James on Sandra Bullock Marriage: 'I Wished to Get Caught' (05.04.2011)

Vicki Mabrey discusses with James life after his public breakup with Bullock. For more on this story, click here: …



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  1. I believe that what so ever thing you go through in a relationship, cheating doesn't fix anything. Rather, it gets everything worse and taints your image so badly. If one can't bear anymore, he should end the relationship and move on. Wastage of one's sins in cheating isn't worth it.
    Well, they are the only ones who really know what went wrong.

  2. Meanwhile marriage is a blessing to share life with your spouse the rest of your life you married her and you couldn't be an adult husband and father wow so you have moved on but if you stayed married you wouldn't have to marry again my parents have been married over 50 years now so what's your problem

  3. Why would he "say terrible things" about Sandra Bullock? He cheated on her and blew the best thing that ever happened to him. I'm sorry, but I could give a rats ass about Jesse whoever and anything he has to say in a book. Next.

  4. Y’all act like she’s so gottdamn perfect. While I’m not saying what he did is right. But the fact he owns up to his mistakes and admits he’s wrong and has the balls to Admit he’s wrong and still doesn’t talk bad about her. She has her own demons in her closet as well behind clothes doors. Don’t come here act like she’s perfect because none of us are perfect because also there are more celebrities that are more humble and sweeter and nice and with a big heart than her. Not to disrespect her because she does earn respect to win and earn as much money as she does.

  5. This guy was not even close to being in the same league as Sandra. She is so much classier, while he has no manners. She is gorgeous, while he tries to hind his nasty looks with tattoos. She has so much talent, while his only talent seems to be how many women he can get into bed. I guess the saying “Love is blind”, really is true, that’s the only explanation for someone as awesome as she is, to even speak to him. He’ll never get another amazing woman to have that much blindness. Idiot‼️

  6. Everything else aside, no one knows what Sandra Bullock is like in private. She's an actress, she has one side for the public and another side at home. Most of us are that way. That journalists statement about Bullock being the perfect wife was naive and childish to say the least.

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