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Making A Lathe Regular Relaxation – jj

Making A Lathe Regular Relaxation

A simple steady rest for a small lathe made from bar stock.


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  1. I made a steady rest for my 10" Atlas lathe using the outer ring from a harmonic balancer
    for a Chevy 350 c.i. engine. That ring saved a lot of work and the expense of buying a piece
    of metal. It worked really well.

  2. I really appreciate seeing you with average guy tools building more tools that will help you do more. Great video style too. I see it’s been a few years, how is it working? I did subscribe and I’ll be going to your channel to see what else you have to offer is home shop guys. I won’t say you are equal to Tubalcaine but dang you are really good!

  3. was checking youtube for homemade steady rests to get some idea's
    one idea i had myself if make the whole thing up to the center hole and then set it on the lathe in such a way i can push it intoo a center drill fit in the chuck using the carriage
    doing it that way should give me a pretty good centered hole , not sure if the lathe will alow the steady rest to be pushed along the ways like that though

  4. Always impressed by your work. I happen to be making a riser block to adapt my old 10-inch steady rest to my new 12-inch lathe, and when you mentioned you neglected to leave clearance for the spreaders on the carriage, I had to run out and make sure I had left clearance. Turns out I did, but that was just by luck. Thanks for posting! If I make a steady-rest for my six-inch lathe, I'm going to steal some design and layout ideas from you.

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