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Hello again. For those who don’t know me, my name is Lizzie Palmer, maker of the “Remember Me” video that over 13 million of you have already seen. I thank you for your support of the video, but especially the troops. 1.5 million people have served in Iraq and Afghanistan. They risk their lives every day to defend you. Now you can really show your support, whether you are for or against the war. I’ve helped make this video in hopes that this Independence Day, you’ll do a little to give back, and visit ThisIsForTheSoldiers.org. Tour footage courtesy of USO. Drowning Pool thanks Tracy Thede and everyone at the USO for the amazing opportunity to go overseas and play for America’s servicemen and women.



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  1. @JayRebel We are over their fighting it out day in and day out to serve and protect your right and freedom to not live in fear! We have not been hit by a major attack in this country since 9/11. Do you even know why? It's because brave men and woman volunteered to take the fight to the enemy! Its easier and more convenient to try and kill Americans in the streets of Iraq and Afghanistan than it is to risk travelling to the Unites States. I rather Fight this war over there Not over here!

  2. @stewartbabe Elaborate, what can I do now that I couldn't do 10 years ago? What has the Iraq War done for me? Nothing. What has the Afghanistan War done for me? Nothing. The brave men and women who fought for my freedom in WWI and WWII made it possible for me to speak English instead of German. I don't own a car, don't need oil and I definitely don't want to watch wars being fought over it. Yeah they're risking their lives, but it's not for our freedom.

  3. Thank you Lizzie Palmer and Drowning Pool for your support. This video means a lot to me. My dad came home from Afghanistan in late Febuary and some of the stories are just devastating and heart breaking. So thank you again for this video and to you also Drowning Poo for supporting the Troops!

  4. I support every human being in warzones. But i see tons of video reactions of children rating from an age of 12 to 17 who want to serve in the war. I really don't get why… It's a Playstation generation with triggy fingers. Why aren't there mor diplomatic arguments in such video's.. . This wars are aigainst insurgents, the next one isn't. What if America would invade Israel (in my opinion justified). Then there would be a lot more bodies hitting the floor. On both sides.
    Think and be carefull

  5. Thank you, my brother, many of my friends, and myself all are going to join the marines out of high school. it also pisses me off that people dishonor these respectable men and women. God Bless you and keep supporting our troops.

  6. i agree with this vid too as soon as i graduate from high school im joining the air force to be an pilot. im going to try to get in the air force acanemy. i think i have a good chance becauce my grandfather is triple ace Lt. Col. from WWII and i want to do my part for my counrty God Bless The USA

  7. good day to you corporal i ment no harm on us or our beloved country. i am just sick of the bastards that have no respect towards people trying to show us how they appreciate our troops. i may have been a dumb ass for saying what i said but for gods sake the creeps need to leave then alone. this was a child that put this video up here and all he can say is it sucks. what would your response be.

  8. well "staff sergeant", its obvious the military didnt teach you a thing obviously by the way your talking. Whatever branch you are from, your character really shows and reflects on them. Have some dignity, and respect.

    Cpl. Reid, JM – USMC

  9. apparently you havnt seen my big ass system. i have a vid of it. i listen to rap dumb shit. hard core rap at that. cause i grew up in miami. and i also grew up in naples. lauderdale, imokolee. if i was so damn racist i wouldnt have been chillin with the boys. all mexican and blacks and get this im a white boy. i also own a fuckin color tv. so how the fuck would you call me racist. you bitch punk.

  10. hmmm funny thing dim wit. i am a verteran i was a staff seargent when i got out. whether you like it or not you are a piece of trash for such a loser ass comment. but that i think of it your probably not even american in the first place. your probably just some dirt bag terrorist trying to be cute. dont worry we'll find you and you will be brought to justice with the rest of your friends.

  11. You have got to be kidding me "mysubsbang". You can't be this stupid, but in case you are, I would like to sell you the Brooklyn Bridge.

    Back to commenting on the video…
    nice video, crappy song. I'm sure there are a ton of all American, veteran, Republican, country music fans who would agree.

  12. you are a piece of trash. i hope you end up bieng forced into iraq and shot. you pathetic pile. you think your better than someone else because she made this video for our troops that are dying to keep your sorry ass alive. your parents should have jumped off a bridge before you were here. they should have taken you out when they to saw your greed and if they didnt send them as well. punk ass bitch.

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