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New Delhi (Komal Nigam) : Any type of disease occurring repeatedly in Owerri gradually takes the form of cancer. This cancer is first born in the outer layer of ovary. The most common type of ovarian cancer is called epithelial ovarian cancer. According to statistics, women are most at risk from this cancer.

It ranks fifth in terms of mortality among women. According to the Indian Medical Association, women die early due to this cancer, because they do not understand the symptoms of this cancer. There is no awareness about this cancer in them.

These are symptoms of ovarian cancer
In the early days of this cancer, there is unbearable pain in the waist. Hunger seems low and even after eating less, one feels full. The digestive system also becomes very weak. Apart from this, women who have this disease in their family, those women are more at risk of getting this cancer.


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This is how the danger increases
Breast cancer before the age of 40 increases the risk of this cancer. Apart from this, women who undergo hormone change therapy. They are at increased risk of this cancer. Although there is no age for this cancer, but women who have had menopause, those women are more at risk of this cancer.

Preventive measures
In order to avoid this cancer, more and more children should undergo breast feeding. Felopian and ovarian cancers do not develop by breast feeding. Apart from this, yoga has also proved very effective in removing this cancer.

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