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Development assured for all times insurers? | Vibha Padalkar to ET Now – jj

Development assured for all times insurers? | Vibha Padalkar to ET Now

Despite overall sluggishness in the economy, life insurance continues to report strong growth, we find out from Vibha Padalkar, HDFC Life Insurance what is aiding growth, outlook on business premiums & presence in the pension market.

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  1. The biggest looters of indian public is HDFC Group. Have no morals and stoop to any level to canvass business . even using females if necessary. The problem starts with your opening account with HDFC Bank. If you are a high networth individual, the information is passed on to some females working for a so called advisor who is none other than the benami of Bank or Insurance Co executives. Then the female will keep pestering you till you finally fall . The forms are generally taken blank signed and filled up according to the advantage of the agent and the company. The agent also ensures that the policy is not delivered to you by the courier who would be report as addressee not available. Finally after following up with the female decoy, a duplicate will be arranged which would be only after the mandatory period for non acceptance expires This is the modern East India Company. The group is majority owned by foreigners. The price of shares of the group is kept high giving the impression that it is the best in the world and for performance mutual fund will start owning the companies also. At some point in time, the foreigners will sell out when they find that th prices are sky high and of course the mutual funds and pension funds holding money of ordinary Indians will start picking up the shares offloaded by the foreigners. The time has not yet come. But it will. In the next few years. By then East India company shares would have become 50% of the market cap of India. No one is now listening. There was an occasion to fix this company when they were found out to be conduits for laundering black money . My only request is that please do not entrust your money to this insurance company . It is better that you leave it in your Savings Bank. It would give you better return

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