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Easy methods to calculate The Ultimate Wager – Half 4 (second half) – jj

Easy methods to calculate The Ultimate Wager – Half 4 (second half)

Part Four looks at special three-player scenarios – particularly, in which the leader MUST wager for the tie. We analyzed some special two-player scenarios in Part Two; a third player adds a new dimension to the wagering.

The first half is intended for players who still need some practice with wagering techniques. I walk you through the steps required to calculate the proper wagers for three players – in this case, resulting in a situation where the leader should bet to tie.

The second half introduces the two “bet-to-tie” scenarios I think every player should know going in to the game, so that if you find a Daily Double on the last clue of Double Jeopardy!, you make an optimal wager.

Improper wagering in Final Jeopardy! has cost countless players. In this series, Jeopardy! College Champion Keith Williams explains how to calculate the correct wager with as little math as possible.

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