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Journey talks about unemployment insurance coverage – jj

Journey talks about unemployment insurance coverage

Getting fired is bad enough! Imagine when you don't have a new job forecast. In Brazil there is a benefit that can be the salvation of many workers: unemployment insurance. In this week's Special Day report we will show in which situations the employee is entitled to the benefit, for how long and in how many installments. But beware, committing fraud to receive unemployment insurance is a crime!

In the work Brazil table we will meet the daily lives of people who act as surrogate husband: that professional who makes minor household repairs and leaves no one at hand.

Superior Council for Labor Justice holds the 1st Work Execution Effectiveness Workshop, in Brasilia. The theme was asset recovery, focusing on equity investigation techniques. The workshop is yet another effort to find debtors of labor claims and end processes in the process of being executed: when the employee should receive the money to which he is entitled.

And in the Extra Jornada table, the solidarity action of two TRT employees of Paraná who are dedicated to rescuing animals from the streets.

The Journey is aired by Justice TV on Mondays at 7:30 pm, with re-appearances on Tuesdays at 7am, Wednesdays at 7:30 pm and Thursdays at 7am.


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  1. existem inúmeros sites, blogs dizendo que tem que ter tido trabalhado pelo menos 18 meses e outro ja dizem ser 12 meses inclusive opróprio site do ministério do trabalho e o site oficial da caixa que dizem que; pra o PRIEMEIRO PEDIDO ao seguro desemprego o trabalhador terá que ter trabalhado e recebido pelo menos 12 meses anteriores a dispensa. e terá direito à 4 parcela. mais então; e essa dúvida me incomoda.
    alguém pode me esclarecer melhor???

    entrei no primeiro emprego em 1 de Outubro de 2015, e em julho fiz uma cirurgia e fiquei pelo auxílio doença de 16 de julho ao dia 15 de outubro
    ja voltei a trabalhar e agora em dezembro de 2016 recebi o aviso que serei demitido.
    dessa maneira só até janeiro. e então eu terei direito ao SEGURO DESEMPREGO???

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