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Larry Elder Rebukes Reality Checker on Reparations Claims – jj

Larry Elder Rebukes Reality Checker on Reparations Claims

After an appearance on Fox and Friends stating that Republicans never owned slaves, that Democrats founded the KKK and that Democrats were opposed to the 13th Amendment, Larry was “fact-checked” by Politifact who claimed that his statements were false. Larry takes the opportunity to explain to the fact checkers why their ‘false’ rating of him was incorrect and goes into some fact checking of his own.



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  1. So the 10 RINOS, who were in fact Democrats that changed their party to remain in office or get elected. The Democrats were only wining in the RACIST SOUTH! So any who wanted to win in any other part of the US had to change to Republicans. Strange that there were 10 Democrats turn Rino that owned slaves where able to hide that fact from the Vice President. Since the Vice President who became President after Lincoln's assassination.
    Andrew Johnson who became the 17th President was a Democrat. At the time of Lincoln's assassination the President and Vice President ran on separate tickets. But since the 17th President supported Slavery(at least he was not against it)I can see him helping Democrats who changed to Republican to get elected and stay elected.
    10 Democrats who took advantage of the popular view of the Republican party. But since in reality they were in fact DEMOCRATS! Larry's statement of only Democrats owned slaves is correct!

  2. Fun Fact ..
    — KKK was created in the beginning to combat abusive fathers to their wives and kids, not allowing them to leave take care of their family…
    — then a KKK sect backed by the Democrats called The White Knights of the KKK ..
    The ones who put on MASKED and terrorized people ..
    — Nathan Bedford Forest a member of the original KKK, left the kkk after the Dems and new sect White Knights came along , along with many others ..
    — kkk went from towns men protecting abused women and children. …. to a Democrat back Kkk wore hoods that attacked blacks whites Jews anybody that tried helping each other for the advancement of all people ..
    — heres the part that should scare you to death …
    In the 1920 they 1930s early 40s ……
    — the White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan ….
    Had more men and women signed up to battle than America French and Britains military combined
    — 6 million strong at their height

  3. It's important that you understand in those days of Republicans wanting to set slaves free, there were laws preventing slave owners from freeing their slaves, and even the Quakers had to own slaves but only because they couldn't be set free. So it's not clear how many of those Republicans owned their slaves because there was no mechanism for actually setting them free and giving them freedom versus continuing to own them and allowing them all the freedoms that they would otherwise have then maybe even more. That's not a really straightforward question because of the laws and customs at that time. This is in no way an excuse for the horrible practice of human slavery no matter who.

  4. Okay 5% of the US citizens pay 5% of the other US citizens reparations… Then the race car can never be played again… My parent's parents were from Mexico… In my lineage they absolutely owned an sacrificed slaves…But who do I make my check out to so this race game bait game can end….

  5. Dems give Dem voters free food stamps, free medical, free education:college, free housing… as long as they keep having babies. Future dem voters, at the Republican taxpayers expense! Brilliant! Dems clinged their glass of scotch and laughed their asses off!!! Still laughing while blacks are STILL slaves!

  6. i really hate those fake fact checkers. We need to get fact a checker just to keep the fact checkers in line. BTW… I am white but have have 2 percent african DNA but, none of my ancesters owned slaves, so Kamala Harris owes me reparations! I'll take cash as I dont trust a check from her!

  7. Well, unfortunately truth hasn’t mattered on the Left for quite some time. Headlines are what matter because the vast majority of the Democrats don’t actually pay attention to facts, rather using headline and media to create outrage and or feel good responses.

  8. I love how the left tries to play semantics when they are wrong. LOL
    As for reparations, my family landed in Pennsylvania and migrated to Ohio through marriage. Never owned a slave and I'm sure never thought about it? But as long as we're talking about reparations, my great grandfather was a millionaire until the Great Depression. Who wants to give me my family's money back? As I said to Cory Booker on Twitter, get my the money and I'll throw a wad to the reparations fund. 😉

  9. U.S. to Pay Out New Reparations for Holocaust
    Adam Kredo
    The State Department announced on Wednesday that additional reparation payments would be made to victims of the Holocaust as part of its claims program covering in part Jewish people who were deported by France during World War II.

    The reparations program was established by the United States with France under agreements relating to the deportation of Jews by the French government during the Holocaust.

    France provided $60 million to the United States to distribute to Holocaust survivors and their living families under the agreement.

    Initial payments to survivors included $204,000 for those who survived their deportation, $51,000 to living surviving spouses or those deported, and a pro rata amount if the individual died after 1948.

    "Payments to date on approved claims total $30,028,500," according to the State Department. "With the additional payment of 97 percent of their prior approved claim amount, living survivors would receive in total $401,880; living surviving spouses would receive up to $100,470; and heirs of survivors and surviving spouses would receive a portion of these amounts."

  10. I hate that lame ass Venom commercial before each of these Larry Elder videos. They're stupid and yet more proof of people having less taste than ever before. I say that cause we have been doing comic book movies for like 15 years now. Get some new ideas.

    Not to mention they have literally nothing to do with Larry Elder or The Epoch Times. Such a pathetic distraction. EVERY VIDEO!!!

  11. Blacks are poor because of group differences! Cultural differences, IQ differences, choices made, not made. Blacks need to make cultural changes to make the best lives they can for themselves and their families and reject the Cultural Marxism pushed by lefties.

  12. Politifact is hedging its bets with the old “the parties switched platforms” canard. They’re trying to distract folks from noticing the egg all over their faces for being wrong. Will they fact check themselves? I doubt it. Keep up the good work, Mr. Elder.

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