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By no means hold these in a protected deposit field – jj

By no means hold these in a protected deposit field

John Matarese reports on some important documents that should never be locked up in bank’s safe deposit box.



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  1. What I did I dug a hole in the ground, purchased a good safe drilled screws all around it looked like pin head from hell raiser and put the safe in hole and poured concrete all around it placed a loose tile on top you can barely tell it’s there and covered that with an area rug where my dog lays..

  2. This may have been true at one time…. but no longer. Read the fine print for your safe deposit box. There are all kinds of things in there that will make you think twice.
    Your better off keeping anything of real value in a 'safe' place where you can get to it at anytime. If there is a bank holiday, you won't be able to get at your valuables and the government may confiscate your gold, silver, jewels and possibly the deeds to your property in a time of emergency or crisis (911 type event).

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