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Paula Abdul – Will You Marry Me? – jj

Paula Abdul – Will You Marry Me?

Music video by Paula Abdul performing Will You Marry Me?.



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  1. This is pure cheese but I still love it. Paula looks gorgeous in this video and it's sweet. Novelty kinda song…although it was a hit I would have preferred U or Rock House to have been the final single from the album.

  2. I was meditating and it said I had a set of heels that's inside of me and when I looked I saw yours and I couldn't believe how poised they was damn it's like you pouring champagne down your thighs all the way down to your toes I'm drinking Crystal you haunt me forever is almost 40 years 2 today 40 years beyond the grave I need you so much beyond the grave

  3. I was about 14 at the time when Paula Abdul became well known with "Straight up" in around 1989, and I remember noticing how beautiful and sexy I thought she was. I liked this song too back in the early 90s, just watching it again now for the first time in about 20 years, she really looks beautiful.

    I remember liking her songs "Rush, rush" and "Forever your girl".

    I also liked her 1991 hit "Blowing kisses in the wind", haven't heard it in about 20 years either, i think I'm gonna pull the YouTube video of and listen to it for old times sake.

    I also can't forget "Cold hearted snake", with those older business guys watching her, then after the song her asking them how they liked it, one of them saying "it was very..nice" or something, then seeing words on the screen "the actors' laugh" while hearing laughing in the background. I forgot about that until I saw this video.

    I hardly ever really saw anything with Paula Abdul again after like the 90s, except for seeing her on American Idol

  4. She's singing beyond the grave I can hear her in my dead from the pain turn the song makes the pain go away is Rick amortis I suffer for Rigamortis it hurts so bad so I have to drink everyday I had to go to court to become and testimony to her court case Rigamortis it's what I suffer from for the rest of my existence inverted meat

  5. She got lift struts and shocks wift Springs in her eyes just glare at you I know she's talking about me cuz she told me she loved her boy I heard this song and 19 83 84 and I said how do I love you I don't have purity tardigrade is a Lite-Brite hot seems to me only reincarnated beings know what she's talking about but others are eating inverted meat if I ever meet this woman I was just sit there and be like conscious meditate with you the case will haunt me forever

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