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Porto Seguro 2014 Landmarks Porto Seguro 2015 Seashores of Porto Seguro BA Lodging – jj

Porto Seguro 2014 Landmarks Porto Seguro 2015 Seashores of Porto Seguro BA Lodging

Rent Furnished House Porto Seguro Holiday Rentals Porto Seguro Beach

Porto Seguro Accommodation – Porto Seguro Congress 2014 – October Folia Axé Moi 2014– New Year's Eve Porto Seguro 2015 – Carnival Porto Seguro 2014 – Carnarporto 2015 – Carnatôa 2015

ADDRESS: Rua da Canseira, 141 Porto Seguro – BA, 45810-000

DAILY VALUE: 450,00 (Low Season) Value for the Group of 12 People

CAPACITY: 12 People, (Negotiable over 12, bringing extra beds)
 (300 meters from the beach – 800 meters from Axé Moi – Near Trade – Easy Access to Alcohol Walkway)

RESERVATIONS AND VISITS: levisilvaba@gmail.com – (73) 8161-4556
Contact me so you can present the property
I live nearby and I have availability to present the property in person for you to be in Porto

ACCESS YOUTUBE'S VIDEO: Porto Seguro Vacation Rentals or Rua da Canseira 141 Porto Seguro

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THE HOUSE: 03 bedrooms (1 suite), Living Room, Kitchen, 02 Bathrooms, House w / barbecue Garage (3 vacancies).

Wi-Fi internet access and TV SKY – No bath towel / beach chair provided. Electric voltage 220V

Furnished House in Porto Seguro Accommodation – Vacation Rentals Porto Seguro Beach Taperapuan
Holiday Accommodation in Taperapuan Beach Porto Seguro, 300 meters from the beach and 800 meters from Axé Moi
Porto Seguro Congress 2014 – Porto Seguro Carnival 2015– Porto Seguro Packages 2014 – Axé Moi Season 2014 – October Folia Axé Moi 2014 Accommodation –Tôa Toâ Carnival 2015 – Porto Seguro Summer Season 2014 – Carnaporto Axé Moi 2015 – Barramares New Year's Eve Porto Seguro Carnival – Porto Seguro Tour 2014 – Porto Seguro Festival 2014, Guacho Tent Porto Seguro, Pre New Year's Eve Axé Moi 2015 #PortoSeguroBA,

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