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Rock Regular Crew (RSC) vs Ethix Crew las vegas shakedown 6 – jj

Rock Regular Crew (RSC) vs Ethix Crew las vegas shakedown 6

Rock Steady Crew (RSC) vs ethix crew bboy battle at Las Vegas Shakedown lvsd6


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  1. that was the sickest headspin I've ever seen. I love all the bboys n bgirls. used to break back in early 80's and I love to see how hip hop has evolved. it's awesome to set crews keep to the rhythm of the songs too. so often you see crews just doing whatever not even dancing to the beat. Keep real hip hop alive yungstarz!

  2. If gymnastics made the girl dance like this, then I'm all for this. Like you, I agree with the power moves. Back in the day when I was Breakdancin, we tried our best to have Power Moves one after another. This is all skill, So stop all the hater-ism!
    Go Rock Steady (da chica, not the dudes!)!!

  3. Love it. Breakers aren't just guys some are females too and they are good. Nothing wrong with dancing and keeping out of the streets and out of trouble by keeping with with dancing and practice and performing/competing in shows. Females like to prove they can do it too and they can. I did as well.

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