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Saltwater Swimming Pool Delusion – jj

Saltwater Swimming Pool Delusion

Dr. Russell Betts, (Ph.D. Organic Chemistry) discusses the truth about Saltwater Swimming Pools.

You could be saying, I am fine we have a Saltwater base pool (Also Known As: Saltwater Chlorine Generators, Salt Water Chlorinators, Salt Pool Systems, Chlorine Generator, Chlorinator, Hypochlorous Acid Generator) we have a Chlorine free swimming pool.

Unfortunately, you are a victim of deceptive marketing. Saltwater Pools are NOT Chlorine free pools! Many pool owners are under the misconception that if they have a Saltwater Pool that they have no Chlorine in their pool. Quite the opposite, a Saltwater Pool contains exactly the same Chlorine as a traditional pool. Instead of adding Chlorine directly to your pool, you add Salt (NaCl) that is transformed into pool Chlorine by the pool’s Saltwater Generator. — It also creates Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH), which is an industrial used caustic material that requires constant monitoring and adjusting of your pools pH level. Saltwater Pools are also bad for the environment and have been banned in certain areas of the country. Saltwater is corrosive and can deteriorate your pools finish and cause corrosion to pool ladders and pool pumps. Salt Pool Systems are designed with a limited life. The process that creates Chlorine from salt wears out the Saltwater Chlorine Generator’s internal components. This means that replacement parts are periodically required, some brands are warranted for as little as 1 — 3 years of use (no more than 8000 hours of use), and some brands’ replacements range in cost from $1,400 to $2,400. There have even been reports of some of the higher end Salt Generator’s catching on fire due to high voltage requirements and poor design.

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