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Saturn is occurring from September 18, know which of them will change their luck. Saturn Direct in Capricorn: September 18, 2019 – taken time to progress – jj

Saturn is occurring from September 18, know which of them will change their luck. Saturn Direct in Capricorn: September 18, 2019 – taken time to progress



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Published: Wednesday, September 11, 2019, 7:00 (IST)

new Delhi. Relief time is coming for the natives of Saturn's curved vision. Shani Dev is going to be Margie from 11.48 am on Wednesday, 18 September 2019. Shanidev was deposed on 30 April. During its curvature of 142 days, Saturn influenced almost all zodiac signs. During this time, people faced many problems like hurdles in work, financial crisis, diseases, problems in family life, lack of marital happiness, but now all the zodiacs will feel relieved by Saturn's transit in Sagittarius from 18 September. Saturn's path will end life's obstacles, open the way for the arrival of wealth and pave the way for progress in every field.

Let us know, what will be the effect of Saturn being on the way. This prediction is being given according to the lunar sign …

Wealth will increase

Wealth will increase

  • Aries : For the Aries people, Saturn will be in the ninth house. The ninth house is called the fortune of fortune, so the people of Aries will have luck. Their stuck work will accelerate. Businessmen can get profit, big project. Jobs will provide opportunities for promotion. During this time you will perform better than your counterparts. Enemy barrier will be removed. Economic crises will be resolved. You will get benefit from land-building and agricultural related works.
  • Taurus: For the Taurus people, Saturn will be in the 8th house. Financially, this time would be good for them, but there may be some physical problems. There is a possibility of brain injury. The passage of Saturn in the eighth house will make the sum of visits to distant countries. Your money reserves will increase, the stuck money will return. Working people will get results according to hard work. Feel largely relieved in mental troubles.
  • Gemini : The presence of Saturn in the seventh position for Gemini sign will prove to be auspicious in many ways. This will end the ongoing tension in their married life, love affairs. Those who are doing a business in partnership, they will have a profit situation. During this time you will get full support of luck. If any kind of injustice has happened to you, you will get justice and punishment will be given to the guilty as soon as Saturn is on the way. This time will bring a solution to any big problem for you.
  • Cancer : Margi Saturn will bring good news for Cancer. For this sign, Saturn will be retrograde in the sixth house, so those who were troubled by diseases and enemies till now will get relief from it. Due to the removal of their diseases, the expenditure on diseases will also be reduced and enemies will also be destroyed. The challenge that traders are getting from competitors will be less. This time will bring financial benefits. Will be required to buy a new vehicle. Will work on the plan to construct a new building. Saturn's path to Moon's zodiac sign will provide mental stability.

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Marriage of unmarried will open ...

Marriage of unmarried will open …

  • Lion : Saturn will be in the fifth house for Leo sign. This is the place of child, so this dream of couples who want children can be fulfilled. Any encouraging news will be received from the child side. Children can get any respect. This will also be a good time for love affairs. You can go on a romantic trip with your partner (spouse or boyfriend). Good opportunities are coming for the jobbers. Time is coming well for students and people associated with education. Money will be saved.
  • Virgo: Pleasure place for Virgo, Saturn being in the fourth house will be like opening the destiny. The happiness that was desired will be attained. Material comforts will increase. Wealth is going to come in a grand way. This will save money for the future. Happiness will come in married life. Due to his clever speech and restrained behavior, he will succeed in defeating the enemies. There will be relief from problems like backache, stomach pain, headache.
  • Libra : For these zodiac signs, Shani Dev, being in the third position, will give benefits in different areas. You will get benefit in business and job. Marriage of unmarried will open. On-going dispute with brothers and brothers will be settled. The arrival of children in the lives of newcomers is going to come out. Financial troubles will be overcome. There will be something that you are trying to accomplish for a long time. Time will also be favorable for love affairs. Just don't cheat or cheat your partner.
  • Scorpio: For the natives of Scorpio zodiac sign, the direction of Saturn in the second house, ie, the house of money will be beneficial. New routes to get money will open for them. More than one means of income will be received. Old business, jobs will progress. People of this zodiac will benefit from works of land and property. Money gains from share market, real estate operations. Health will not be completely fine, but will improve more than before. People involved in auto-machinery works will get new contracts in the business. Family life will be pleasant.
Expenses will decrease

Expenses will decrease

  • Sagittarius : The presence of Saturn in Sagittarius sign will drastically improve the standard of living of these zodiac signs. Since this sign is of Jupiter, these people will have increased faith in religion. Moderate and balanced behavior and speech will subdue everyone. The problems going on from the old times will end. Especially you will get relaxed regarding health. Trust in each other will increase in marital life. Love relations will be obtained. There are growth totals in each region.
  • Capricorn : Shani Dev will be in the twilight place for Capricorn. This is the sign of Saturn itself and the 12th place is the spending place, so their expenses will decrease as soon as Saturn is in the way. The accumulation of wealth will increase. Stuck money will come, old investment will give profit. Time is good for making new investments. Investing in the stock market or property will prove to be a profitable deal. Health will be better. Stuck progress at the workplace will be recovered. There are signs of a new love affair.
  • Aquarius : Shani Dev will be in the eleventh house for Aquarius. This sign is also of Shanidev, so there are signs of increase in his income. Till now, you will be moving towards a new and successful life by removing all the obstacles which were facing hurdles. Think all the work will be completed, but hard work will have to be done honestly. If you want to change jobs, then after September 18, time is fine. Plans to expand the business can now start work. Relationships will improve in married life.
  • Pisces : The tenth place of the people of this zodiac sign, the presence of Shani Dev in the path of karma, is showing signs of progress in every field. Working people will receive benefits. Will feel relieved by court-court cases. We will accumulate wealth. Anyone can start a big new job in partnership. Chances will be made to buy a new property. Can travel to foreign countries. Success to students. With the help of elders of the house, you will successfully complete any major scheme.

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