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Saudi Arabia is getting badly surrounded in Yemen? – jj

Saudi Arabia is getting badly surrounded in Yemen?


Smoke after attack on Aramco's oil plant in Saudi Arabia

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Since Saturday's attack on two Saudi oil plants, there has been a situation of tension in the whole area.

The Huti rebels claimed responsibility for the attack. But America has blamed Iran for this.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has dismissed claims by the Houthi rebels that they targeted Saudi oil company Aramco's plants.

According to the Energy Minister of Saudi Arabia, due to this attack, the production of crude oil has reduced by 5.7 million barrels per day. Analysts are of the opinion that this will affect oil prices worldwide.

Aqiq and Khoras oil plants were targeted through drone strikes.

Pompeo has written on Twitter directly attributing Iran responsible for the attack that there is no 'evidence' that the drones came from Yemen.

The Saudi-led coalition has waged a struggle against the Houthi rebels in Yemen for nearly four years. Saudi Arabia has been continuously accusing that Iran is supporting the Houthi rebels. However, Iran continues to deny this.

No response from Iran has yet come to light on Pompeo's latest claims. But at present, bitterness is growing in relations between Iran and America. At the same time, Saudi Arabia is a close ally of America in the Middle East.

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How much merit in US-Saudi claims?

According to Saudi Arabian government media, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman spoke to US President Donald Trump over the telephone and stated that his government was "willing and able to deal with this terrorist attack".

Many experts who monitor the diplomatic movement of the Gulf countries claim that Saudi Arabia never enjoys Iran's dominance in the region. They also question Saudi Arabia's claims of assistance from Iran to Houthi rebels.

Professor AK Pasha of Delhi's Jawaharlal Nehru University claims that despite all the allegations, Saudi Arabia has not been able to provide proof of help from Iran to the Houthi rebels.

AK Pasha explains, "Iran is supporting the Houthi rebels, this is just propaganda. So far not a single Iranian soldier has been caught there, nor their weapons have been found. Without the permission of Saudi Arabia, not a single ship Can't go there. There are blockades everywhere. Airports are also under their control. Then how is Iran helping them. Former Yemeni President Ali Saleh acquired the weapon from Russia and China. A. Were, they have reached the hands of Hootis. They are using them constantly. "

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Trouble with Iran's dominance

At the same time, Qamar Aga, the expert in the Middle East, claims that Iran has influence on many countries in the region and countries like Russia want it to remain.

"Iran has a huge influence in Syria. It also has an impact in Iraq. It also has an influence in Lebanon and if Yemen also moves there, the situation can change a lot. This whole area is very important "Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen. The whole area is submerged with oil. There is uncountable oil within these countries. Big countries have interests here. Multinational companies also have interests."

Professor Pasha says that the dominance of Iran does not appeal to Saudi Arabia and he sees his existence in danger. He is also eyeing Yemen's oil and gas reserves.

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Thousands of people have died in the ongoing war in Yemen for four years.

'Battle between Saudi Arabia and Yemen'

Pasha claims that the old desire of Saudi Arabia is responsible for the current situation in Yemen, under which he wants to dominate Yemen.

AK Pasha says, "The real fight is between the people of Saudi Arabia and Yemen. For centuries Saudi Arabia wants to dominate them. They want to control them. They want to stop their progress. Bring them under their control or influence Wants. "

Pasha reminds that Yemen has a history even before the present country came into existence in 1990, including North and South Yemen. Northern Yemen held the Ottoman Empire for some time and South Yemen held Britain for 130 years.

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Why did Hadi fail?

Even after the two parts were united, the feeling of separation did not end. AK Pasha says that the political situation in Yemen changed after the 2011 Arab.

"In 2011, when the Arab Revolutions (Arab Spring) took place in Libya, Tunisia, Egypt and Syria. Gaddafi, Husni Mubarak and the Sadar of Tunisia were overthrown, during which there were also massive protests in Yemen. Under which Ali Abdullah Saleh had to step down. He handed over power to Vice President Abderrabu Hadi. The United Nations still recognizes Hadi as a legitimate President. "

However, it was not easy for Hadi to run the government. He had to deal with Saleh's loyalists, while also stopping the perceived growing influence of Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State (IS). But the biggest difficulty for them was the Shia rebel Houthi movement. The Huti rebels took advantage of Hadi's weaknesses and captured much of the north and west.

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Houthi spokesperson Yahya Sariya claimed responsibility for the attack on Aramco's plant in Abeyak in Saudi Arabia on Saturday.

In 2015, Huti rebels captured the capital Sanaa and Hadi had to take refuge in Saudi Arabia.

The Huti rebels formed a government headed by Mohammed al-Hooti, ​​but the international community instead recognized the Hadi government as the government of Yemen.

In March 2015, a coalition of eight countries led by Saudi Arabia started air strikes against the Houthi rebels. The United States, Britain and France also provided help to this alliance.

AK Pasha says, "By pressuring the US, an international alliance was formed, which included Saudi Arabia, the UAE and other countries. The UK, France and the United States provided intelligence, training, weapons. The UAE and Saudi Arabia shared their work Liya. UAE was interested in southern Yemen and Saudi Arabia in the north. "

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Donald Trump and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia

America is also interested in Yemen

They have their own interests behind the interference of all these countries in Yemen. Pasha says that the US could not build a military base in Somalia, considering Yemen as an alternative. The strategic location of Yemen also increases its importance.

AK Pasha says, "Yemen is located on the strait connecting the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean to the Gulf of Aden. This area is very important. Two-thirds of the world's oil passes through it. Ships from Asia to Europe and America also go "It is an important area for trade and shipping. It is the busiest route."

Qamar Aga says that not only Britain, Gulf and Arab countries are interested in Yemen but also China and Russia.

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Marks of catastrophe in Yemen

Withstanding the First Civil War and the attacks of the coalition forces for the past four years, the appearance of Yemen has changed.

Qamar Agha says, "The situation is getting worse and worse day by day. People don't have food there. There is disease and epidemic spreading. People are dying. Human rights violations are happening very much "Sometimes the procession gets bombed. Sometimes the bombs are dropped on the school and sometimes on the hospital."

The UN estimates that after 2016, at least 10,000 people have died in conflict there. The agencies also give a figure of 70 thousand deaths.

Those who are alive are also scorched in the heat of war. The entire population of Yemen is moaning because of the conflict. It is being counted among the poorest countries.

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According to the United Nations, about 80 percent of the country's population, or more than 20 million people, needs humanitarian aid, or protection. Out of these, there are one crore people, who do not even have food and clean water to drink. More than 33 lakh people have been displaced.

The country's health structure has collapsed. More than four lakh children under the age of five are suffering from severe malnutrition. 30 lakh people including 20 lakh children of the total population are malnourished.

Thousands of people have died in the last years due to the danger of taking the form of epidemic.

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Saudi Arabia trapped in the swamp

But the shock did not hurt Saudi Arabia and its allies. Qamar Aga says that Saudi Arabia is trapped in an unwanted bog.

"I do not think that the objectives of Saudi Arabia's Yemen are seen to be fulfilled. The problem facing Saudi Arabia is that the oil prices have come down. Their income has come down. The cost of war has increased. Is. But they cannot back down because Hooty will not accept now. "

On the other hand, AK Pasha reminds of the history of Yemen, saying that the people of Yemen have always driven away those trying to take possession of their country. Due to this spirit, he has surprised the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia, claiming to end the war in a few weeks.

According to AK Pasha, "Saudi Arabia did not achieve anything. Lose their weapons and lose their image. Crown Prince Salman promised to end the war in two weeks or two months. He is now licking the land there." They have gained a lot of notoriety. Their partner UAE has also been isolated. "

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Saudi arabia under pressure

Pasha claims that the Houthi rebels attacked Saudi Arabia's airports and important installations and put them under pressure.

AK Pasha says, "They have the technology to send thousands of drones inside Saudi Arabia every day. It's causing a lot of damage. Pipelines from the Gulf to the Red Sea, Petro They have also damaged chemical installations, airports and other infrastructure. "

Amidst the pressure of the fight, the United States, Britain and France are also facing opposition at home. Human rights organizations are constantly raising questions. Saudi Arabia-led coalition is also starting to crack.

AK Pasha explains, "The United Arab Emirates is a federation of seven emirates. The majority of the people who went to fight in Yemen from here were from Fujaihara. The people are poor and backward. There were a lot of casualties and this war there. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai, warned the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi that Huti bombed airports and other targets inside Saudi Arabia. Hey, if given a two missile or bomb stains in Dubai will be completed Kbadha here. "

"There was an uprising in the UAE. Iran also quickly captured three to four oil tankers. The threat of bombing by the Houthi rebels against the Emirate proved to be very important. Other emirates of the Emirate joined Abu Dhabi But he decided to come out of Yemen. However, the army is present in Aden for training. "

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Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia with Yemen's exiled President Hadi

What is the solution?

Adi has been made the capital by the Hadi government. Although Hadi is outside the country. Saudi Arabia has blocked the Hudayda port called Yemen's lifeline, but there is no hope of ending the war.

Qamar Aga says, "The war can be started, it is very difficult to end. There are many more forces here and many of these are against each other. They don't even allow the war to end. I don't think anyone Will be able to win it too. It is a very difficult task to end this war. A lot of effort has been done. There was an effort in Sweden. We felt that there would be a ceasefire, but then things got worse. "

The ceasefire could not be reached even after an agreement was reached between the Houthi representatives in Sweden and the Hadi government. However, Pasha says that at the moment there is a ray of hope.

"There is hope gradually and the reason for this is the efforts being made by the Presidents of Iran and France. There is a hope of a ceasefire there."

Yemen has collapsed. The UAE is preparing to get out of the war and Saudi Arabia is also tired, but still no one can claim when the war in Yemen will stop. Especially after the latest developments on Saturday, the situation is looking worse.

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