Venus is altering its zodiac, know what would be the impact on the zodiac. Venus transit in Virgo Right this moment, know the influence on 12 zodiac signal



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Updated: Monday, September 9, 2019, 8:58 (IST)

new Delhi. The planet Venus, the representative of love, beauty, charm, marital bliss, sexual pleasure, physical pleasures and luxury life, will enter the Virgo zodiac at 9.41 am after midnight on 9 September. After staying in Virgo for about 24 days, Venus will enter Libra in the morning after midnight on October 3 and at 5.14 in the morning on October 4.

Let us know how the transit of Venus in the zodiac sign of Mercury will show your zodiac sign.

Venus's transitional gait

Venus's transitional gait

  • Aries: The transit of Venus for Aries will be in the sixth house. Since this is the place of enemy and disease and Venus is dominated by diseases related to water and food, therefore people of this zodiac will have to take special care of health in these 24 days. Avoid catering outside. This transit will be auspicious for financial matters. Wealth will become the sum of wealth.
  • Taurus: The transit of Venus for Taurus sign is going to be in the fifth place. People of this zodiac can get some good news from their children. A child may achieve some great achievement. The couple's children who are waiting for happiness will get their wish fulfilled. Family atmosphere will be pleasant. Chances will be made to buy new land and buildings.
  • Gemini: The transit of Venus will be in the fourth position for this sign. The lord of this zodiac is Mercury and Venus is entering the other zodiac sign of Mercury, so the time will be very auspicious for those of this zodiac. People associated with intellectual work will get respect, status and prestige in the society. There are chances of promotion for the serviceman. The arrival of money will be smooth.
  • Cancer: Venus is transiting in the third position for Cancer sign. The estrangement going on from the brothers will be removed. Family gatherings are the sum of any auspicious work. Will spend on material comforts. There will be trips. Merchants will be economically strong. Is the sum of transfer of serviceman. Women will get gifts.

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  Old investment will bring big profit

Old investment will bring big profit

  • Lion: Venus will transit in 2nd place for Leo. The presence of Venus in the place of wealth is going to give big financial benefit to these zodiac signs. Old investment will bring big profit. Will be the sum to buy property. Can enter new house. You can buy jewelery, vehicles. People of this zodiac can get some respect in their field of work.
  • Virgo: For this zodiac, Venus is coming in the first place. They will benefit from all sides. Their decision on family, social life, workplace etc. will be appreciated. You will spend on the material comforts of yourself and family. There are chances of buying jewelery. There are chances of an enjoyable trip with family. Will receive a big gift.
  • Libra: Venus is the lord of this zodiac and Venus is coming in the twelfth position for this zodiac. Since it is a spending place, people in Libra have to be careful in spending. Venus makes the economic situation strong, while it also helps to increase spending. Stomach diseases can be disturbing. Be careful in catering.
  • Scorpio: For Scorpio, the transit of Venus will be in the eleventh house. This is an income place, but since the lord of Scorpio is Mars, therefore people with this amount will repay the old loan, but there may be a possibility of taking a new loan. Stopped money will be received but it will go to repay the old debt. Mentally you may have some problems
Use of buying a new house, farm house or agricultural land

Use of buying a new house, farm house or agricultural land

  • Sagittarius: Time will be good for the employed people of Sagittarius. For these Venus is coming in the tenth place. The tenth Venus provides luxury life, so those who manage the money properly will easily gather the items of enjoyment. There are signs of growth in business, profit in the business. Marital problems will be diagnosed.
  • Capricorn: Venus for Capricorn is coming in the ninth place. This is the place of fortune and religion. The presence of Venus in it is an indication that the fate of the Capricorns is going to shine. Any major contract, project can be found. Pathways to the realization of wealth are opening. Economic crises will be diagnosed. The debt will be paid off.
  • Aquarius: People of Aquarius will have to take special care of health during the transit of Venus. Any disease related to stomach, brain and bone can emerge and it will cost. An economic problem may occur. However the problems of marital life will be overcome. Be careful in investing. It will be necessary to control your anger and speech.
  • Pisces: For Pisces people, the transit of Venus is happening in the seventh place. Marital and married happiness is about to be attained. New love affairs will form and spend on boyfriend-girlfriend gifts. The sum of buying a new vehicle, new house, farm house or agricultural land. Students will succeed in competitive examination. Can go on a special trip.

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