Each 26 million years there's an extinction occasion says analysis report | New date of 'Mahapralaya' on the earth, every part might be over: Researcher | New date of 'Mahapralaya' on the earth, every part might be over: Researcher


New York. When the year 2000 was going to come after 1999, many such reports were published in the media, which claimed that the creation was over. However, nothing like this happened. Now the possibility of destruction of the world is being raised once again. It is worth noting that this claim is not made by any religious leader or magician, but researchers are making the basis of their studies. Researchers have found in research that about 26 million years ago, the first cataclysm occurred on Earth, after which it has happened six times. Research has shown that six times it has devoid of fauna on earth. Once again such a possibility is being created. Professor Michelle Rempino of New York University in the US has presented the research report.

Highlights of research:
According to the report of the news agency PTI, after investigating the causes of destruction of the universe, the conclusion has been reached that even before the earth has become devoid of animals and animals. All incidents of mass destruction were caused by environmental upheaval. Based on research, it has been claimed that cataclysm was caused by events like floods and volcanic eruptions on Earth. It is being claimed that after the volcanic eruption, lava had spread on the earth for millions of kilometers, due to which all the animals were destroyed.

Let me tell you here that earlier scientists had estimated that the Earth has been destroyed five times. For this reason many species of animals have completely disappeared from the earth. Geologists divided these periods of mass destruction into Ordovician (44.3 million years ago), Late Devonian (37 million years ago), Permian (25.2 million years ago), Triassic (20.1 million years ago) and Cretaceous (6.6 million years ago). is.

Research estimate
It has been said in the research report that due to the manner in which the temperature of the earth is increasing, Cataclysm may occur for the seventh time. It also says that many species of creatures have become extinct. Researchers have said that when a similar situation has occurred, cataclysm has occurred before, so once again the end of creation is predicted.

The report published in Historical Biology states that from 27.2 million to 26 crore years cataclysm occur. Now this time period is nearing completion. In such a situation, Cataclysm can happen once again. During this time the earth and the ocean were affected the most.

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