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Pitru Paksha 2019: Indira Ekadashi on 25 September, know its significance | Pitru Paksha 2019: Indira Ekadashi on 25th September: Learn Puja Vidhi – jj

Pitru Paksha 2019: Indira Ekadashi on 25 September, know its significance | Pitru Paksha 2019: Indira Ekadashi on 25th September: Learn Puja Vidhi


Indira Ekadashi is very important ...

Indira Ekadashi is very important …

Indira Ekadashi is considered to be the best day for the emancipation of the ancestors due to their coming in Pitrupaksha. It is believed that if an ancestor is going to punish his deeds with Yamraj due to his unintentional sins, then by observing fast on this Ekadashi and giving it to the ancestors, then it will help the fathers get relief from Yama's suffering. She goes.

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The king fasted on Ekadashi methodically …

The king said- Maharishi! Please explain the reason for your arrival. Naradji then said, O Rajan! Listen to my words carefully. I have brought the message of your father, who is currently facing the punishment near Yamraj due to the fast of Ekadashi in his previous birth. King Indrasen was deeply saddened to learn about his father's suffering and started asking Devarshi the remedy for his father's salvation. Devarshi said, O Rajan, you observe the fast of Ekadashi of Krishna Paksha of Ashwin month and offer its virtuous fruit to your father, then it will be liberated from him. On coming to Ashwin Krishna Ekadashi, the king fasted according to Naradji and gave the result to his father. The King's father got relief from the effects of the fast and King Indrasen also attained salvation after his death.

Indira Ekadashi fast story

It is a matter of the time of the golden age. A city named Mahishmati was ruled by a majestic king named Indrasen. The king was an ardent devotee of Lord Vishnu and followed his subjects religiously. One day the king was sitting happily in his meeting, then Maharishi Narada descended from the sky and came to his meeting. On seeing him, King Indrasen immediately got up from his seat and bowed to Maharishi. He provided high posture for Maharishi to sit.

Indira Ekadashi fasting method

Indira Ekadashi fasting method

According to Maharishi Narada, from the day of Dashami, the fast is to be spent on the day following full restraint. Do not eat in the evening on Dashami. On the day of Ekadashi, wake up before sunrise and bathe on any holy river, well and offer arghya to Suryadev with wet clothes. After this, clean your place of worship and take the resolution of Ekadashi fast in front of Lord Vishnu and also offer its virtuous fruits to your ancestors and wish for their liberation. Worship Shaligram in the evening while staying detached throughout the day. Observe the fast on the morning of Dwadashi. Offer food to a Brahmin couple and offer Dakshina as appropriate. After this, take food yourself.

How long until Ekadashi

How long until Ekadashi

  • Ekadashi date begins: 4.42 pm on September 24
  • Ekadashi date ends: two on 25 September. Till 2.08 pm
  • Passing time: 6.15 am to 8.38 am on September 26

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